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Solutions for:

Construction and real estate development.

Enversed Studios develops digital solutions for sales, development, maintenance and training.

Innovative solutions for real estate development.

Construction is much more than just stacking bricks. It’s about investing in a sustainable society.

Despite all developments in the construction sector, supply still can’t keep up with demand. This puts the sector under a lot of pressure, which isn’t likely to change anytime soon. There will be a high demand for affordable starter homes as well as large-scale properties that combine living, working and recreation. For real estate developers, it’s becoming increasingly import to profile themselves before, during and after any construction process.

Real estate opportunities for:

Project developers
Get support among stakeholders by using a VR visualization.
Housing associations
Show potential buyers an interactive VR demonstration.
Estate agents
Filter your most valuable customers with a 360º tour.
Inspect real estate properties remotely using 3D data.

Convince potential customers before the construction has even started.

Smarter presales thanks to interactive visualizations.

It isn’t easy to start sales when your project hasn’t even been realized yet. After all, you want to show your potential buyers a spatial experience in which they can visualize the possibilities of a property. Enversed Studios offers many different types of visualizations like virtual animations, films, tools and tours. We can create expo presentations, online tours and home configurators: all to create a more personal sales tool for you to use.

Save time and money by making your appointments and tours even more effective.

Filter potential buyers with an immersive 360º tour.

Time is precious. Unfortunately, you can spend a lot of time on meeting customers who, eventually, call off their purchase. Enversed Studios offers online 360º tours that serve as filtering tools. If potential buyers decide to make a personal appointment after watching the online tour, they’re more likely to be really interested. Our tours can be extended by adding online advice or detailed information about your property.

Involve your stakeholders in an accessible and visual way.

Establish support by using VR visualizations.

Every real estate project comes with many different types of stakeholders. After all, it’s mostly about developing properties that serve a social community. Virtual Reality is the perfect tool to involve all stakeholders during any construction. Thanks to immersive visualizations and lifelike simulations, everybody gets to experience the impact of your construction project. This allows you to get everyone on the same page.

Identify weaknesses and prevent setbacks by scanning a building.

Use 3D scans to optimize property maintenance.

As a real estate developer, it’s extremely useful to be able to predict the condition of a property in the future. This is hard to achieve when you’re redeveloping heritage, especially when there aren’t any plans available. Thanks to 3D scans, these uncertainties are a thing of the past. 3D scans can be used for measurements during renovations, checking construction errors or carrying out inspections remotely.

Introduce employees to safety procedures without any risk.

Train dangerous scenarios in a safe, virtual environment.

Staff training is important for every organization. The construction sector in particular, where you want to make sure all on-site personnel is aware of work and safety procedures. VR training courses are great at simulating real-life scenarios that need to be trained. VR training sessions have a lot more impact than regular training courses. Next to that, results can be analyzed in real-time by trainees and management alike.

How is Virtual Reality able to help you during sales and construction?

Nowadays, a property isn’t just a pleasant place to stay. It should offer added value to its user as well. There are many ways to visualize this. Depending on your organization, goals and wishes, we can recommend one of our tools or experiences: from 360° tours to VR or MR tools. Each medium has its advantages and disadvantages. Get inspired by our products below.

360° tours and online home viewings.

Virtual 360° tours and online home viewings are great tools to immerse your audience in one of your properties. These virtual experiences are easy to share on the internet and social media. They can be displayed on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone: with and without a VR headset!

See how a virtual tour contributes to a successful onboarding campaign.
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VR visualizations and configurators.

Whether you want to convince potential buyers or establish support among stakeholders: Virtual Reality immerses users in an experience like no other. The interactivity of a VR experience ensures that your presentation becomes personal and adjustable. Want to remove a wall? Place a garden house or just add a little color? No problem!

Check out our showcase about the Strijp TQ visualization for GEVA Vastgoed.
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Smart Manuals and visual work instructions.

Augmented and Mixed Reality offer great opportunities to the construction and real estate sector. It can support employees to carry out work faster with fewer complications. For example, you can use a Smart Manual to manage and maintain your properties. Smart Manuals are tools that provide animated, step-by-step support during maintenance, repair or installation.

Read our case study about the added value of smart manuals.
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VR training courses and simulations.

Virtual Reality is extremely powerful in visualizing cause and effect. That’s why this medium is perfect for virtual training courses. This way, employees do not only learn which actions should be performed in specific scenarios, but also how these actions should be performed. For example, you can train a wide range of safety procedures, exposing your trainees to all kinds of dangers without them taking any risk.

We have developed a safety training for B&V Partners in Veiligheid. Check out our case.
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Don’t believe us? Let our showcases do the talking.

How can we assist you?

Innovation is not just a project, it’s a process. Our goal is to develop sustainable solutions for the construction and real estate sector. We can help you visualize your ideas for both potential buyers and stakeholders. In addition, we can support your sales process, property maintenance and staff training. Whether you’re facing major or minor challenges, we are here to advise and help you with a sustainable solution that works best for your business model.

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