Behavorial training in Virtual Reality.

A 360° training for social interactions.

Behavioral training in a simulated environment.

A 360° training makes it possible to confront people with any situation. Users are faced with unpredictable elements that catch them off guard, just like real life situations. That’s why behavioral training is suitable for simulating social interactions, like meeting with a sales employee or a visitor for example.

Experience without experience

Experience is invaluable. You build it up by making choices, some good and some bad, and adjusting your strategy accordingly. However, in order to gain experience, you are dependant on real life situations. In case of behavorial recognition, it is a challenge to allow people to learn from social interactions without having to experience these scenarios.

Instant confrontation

In 360° training sessions, users experience scenarios in which they have to make choices within a limited time frame. For example, when they answer a multiple choice question, they are immediately confronted with the results of their choice. The impact of this experience in 360° is many times larger than any 2D video or book is able to convey.

Identify the weaknesses in your organization.

360° training adds value to both trainee and management. Our software is able to provide trainees with personal feedback and tips while training results can help in identifying weaknesses in any organization. In a follow-up process, employees can further train specific points of attention.

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Improve and measure soft skills easily.

Accessible and scalable

A 360° training is accessible for everyone and can be easily experienced by using a smartphone and a simpe VR headset. This way, you can train your staff and trainees on a large scale. In addition, VR can serve as a perfect try-out for those who naturally avoid difficuly situations.

Cost saving solution

Behavioral training can be used at any desired location, thus cutting back on time spend travelling. In addition, it is no longer required to reserve rooms or offices to use during training sessions, allowing you to minimize operational downtime.

Measurable results

A training becomes more fun and stimulating when using gaming elements. For example. trainees can collect points by making the right choices. Nonverbal communication, such as eye contact and body language, can be measured and assessed by trainees and managers alike.

Film or 3D animation

A 360° training can be developed by using film or animations. A film uses actors and can take place in recognizable locations such as your own office. An animation can expose trainees to dangerous situations that would be impossible to film. It’s possible to combine both techniques!

Making behavioral training personal.

360° training offers a great way to train soft skills in a personal and recognizable context that perfectly matches your company. Trainees can gain the right experiences that come in handy during real life situations.

Target groups and training goals

First, we need to determine what type of issues you aim to solve with a 360° training. We offer you advice in a couple of design sessions. After this, we can relate to your business process and design the best method possible that allows you to train your target group as efficient as it gets.

Translate to scenarios

Next, we create a storyboard and a description of your training scenarios. Once this is done, we’re ready to start production: either by using film or 3D animation. To make sure that the result matches your wishes, we always use multiple feedback sessions during the development.


After development has been completed, the 360° training will be accessible through multiple sytems. A course can be experienced by using a laptop, PC or smarthphone: with and without a VR headset! 360° training sessions are easy to share and are usable where and whenever you want.

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Efficient standard products

We offer 360° training experiences as standard products. That is why we can offer you these products at a competitive price.

What´s next?

Behavioral training sessions are built to be as realistic as possible. Curious about your scenario? Feel free to ask for a consultation call. We are happy to dive into your case!

Custom work

Rather have a fully customized 360° training? No problem! Based on one training scenario, we can develop many different products.

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