Successful onboarding with a 360° tour.

An immersive 360° tour.

Welcoming new employees as efficient as possible.

Onboarding is more than just training. An onboarding program should establish a connection with future colleagues and the organization. By using a 360° tour, new employees will know what their workplace will look like and where they can get their coffee. 360° onboarding contributes to an efficient preparation when moving to a different working environment.

30% leaves after six months

On the one hand, hiring and training employees is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, it is very import to pay a lot of attention to onboarding. If your onboarding program happens to be ineffective, over 30% of your new colleagues will start looking for a new job after six months.

A 360° improvement

In a 360° tour, candidates are shown around the building where they can meet new colleagues and experience the business process. This way, they become immersed on a personal level. These virtual tours are designed to be pre-programmed or can be experienced at someone’s own pace.

Lower the costs and improve retention.

On average, it costs about 62 days and more than 4,500 euros to attract a new employee. A 360° onboarding video is an efficient tool to preselect candidates, enabling you to concentrate on finding that perfect match. In addition, research shows that VR experiences have almost twice as much impact as any video.

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A 360° tour with a wow factor.

Visualize your culture

As an employer, branding becomes increasingly important. Young talent often opts for a meaning position in which they can develop themselves. A 360° tour conveys your corporate culture perfectly., making it easier for you to find the right match.

Independent of location

A virtual tour is compatible with a lot more than just Virtual Reality. You can also view 360° tours on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone: with and without a VR headset. These experiences can easily be shared on platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

Data analysis

New employees are able to interact with the virtual tour. This way, they can meet future colleagues or request additional information. All interactions are measurable. Choices, speed and viewing behavior can be recorded and saved as data to use during the next stage of a candidate’s onboarding process.

Avoiding a mismatch and a wrong investment.

Finding the right talent can become a challenge. Next to the lack of onboarding, the most common reason for leaving a company is a mismatch between an employee and a company. While designing a 360° tour, we pay a lot of attention in translating your corporate culture and vision the right way. Communicating on a personal level leads to a smarter and nicer candidate experience.

Start with a story

Based on a few design sessions, we determine the best approach to tell your story to future employees. We try to stay close to the core values of your company as we translate them into a 360° experience that perfectly matches your recruitment campaign.

Recordings and editing

Next, all concept are developed into scripts, storyboard and scenarios. Thanks to our special 360° camera, we can film a complete scenario at your own location. Afterwards, our development team edits the movie and adds all required interactions.

Easy and shareable

As soon as we complete our production, we can deliver you our 360° tour. These experiences can be distributed and viewed on many different platforms. You can experience them by using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A VR headset is not required!

How about using 360° tours yourself?

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Efficient standard products

Enversed Studios offers 360° tours as standard products. That is why we can offer these products at a competitive price.

What’s next?

360° tours are built to support your onboarding program. Curious about your tour? Feel free to ask for a consultation call. We are happy to dive into your case!

Custom work

Rather have a fully customized 360° tour? No problem! Based on a single scenario, we can deliver many different products for you.

We deliver

  • 360° tours
  • 360° videos
  • 2D videos

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