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Solutions for:

Remote Working and Virtual Collaboration.

Enversed Studios develops digital solutions for sales, development, maintenance and training.

Smart and Useful tools for Virtual and Remote Collaboration.

Remote working can be much more than video calling.

Enversed Studios creates tools that make it easier to work remotely. More people are working from home, which is safer and cheaper. It also saves time since people don’t have to travel to work. It is very important though, to keep a high level of collaboration and communication, especially between teams. Enversed Studios offers virtual collaboration and telepresence tools for every industry.

Remote working opportunities for:

Design teams
Designers from all over the world can gather and meet in one virtual environment and look and interact with their products in real time.
Technical specialists
A technical specialist can remotely watch an employee and give instructions.
A European engineer can simulate an in America fabricated machine, without having to travel.
An event manager can simulate the personal character of an event with Virtual Reality

Save time and money by getting immediate technical support.

Get Remote Technical Assistance Anywhere, Anytime.

Remote technical support means less time waiting for engineers to come to your location. You can consult any engineer that you need at any time with smart manuals. Because you can share your real-time view with the experts, it takes less time for them to give you a solution. Also, since the experts don’t have to come to your location, you can consult experts from all over the planet. Less people at your location means a safer workplace and overall, less expenses for travelling.

Reduce the time to market of machines with Virtual Reality.

Detect Flaws Faster with Digital Machine Simulations.

With digital machine simulations, you can see how a machine would perform without it even existing yet. Employees can gather in a virtual environment and see the machines before their eyes. They can even point stuff out, for all the others to see. In this way, a team can collaborate virtually, even when they are all over the planet. For example: your company produces machines in China and normally an engineer has to go on a plane to see the machine and give feedback. With digital machine simulations it is no longer needed to physically go to the machine. The engineer can give feedback from his own home. Flaws can be detected before the machine even exists, which greatly reduces the time to market.

Meet and collaborate, regardless of your location.

Avoid Crowded Meeting Rooms With Virtual Meetings.

Many businesses are forced to rethink their ways to meet with others. On average managers spent 35% of their time in meetings, so it goes to show how important it is to continue doing this. Virtual meetings can help businesses continue doing so. Employees can meet with each other from the safety of their own home. No need to travel to work and no crowded rooms. People from all over the world can gather in a virtual meeting by using Virtual Reality.

Give remote virtual tours to potential buyers.

Give Your Clients a Tour, Anywhere, Anytime.

Thanks to Virtual Reality, you can give tours without people having to go to the place you’re showing. For example, if you are selling houses and want to show people around in a house, you can do this with a virtual tour. Since you don’t have to make appointments with the homeowners and the potential buyers, you can very quickly show the property to a lot of potential buyers. You don’t have to see them in person, which is safer and overall, cheaper.

How can Virtual Reality help you to efficiently work remotely?

In a world where remote working and telecommuting are getting more important every day, good communication and collaboration are more important than ever. Enversed Studios has created multiple tools to make sure you can remotely communicate and collaborate without losing any efficiency.

VR Holodeck

Enversed Studios’ VR Holodeck allows for collaboration in one virtual workspace. Multiple users can interact with a virtual machine simultaneously. VR Holodeck also functions as a space for virtual meetings. No more travel expenses and lost time. Telepresence has never felt more real.

Find out how our VR Holodeck can help you collaborate remotely.
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Smart Manuals.

Engineers no longer have to travel to the machines to fix them. Employees can use Enversed Studios’ Smart Manuals to get all the information they need. Even if an engineer is needed, they can give all the information and details remotely. No more unnecessary travel times and expenses.

Learn how Smart Manuals can save you time and money.
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Virtual Reality Visualizations and Configurations.

With Virtual Reality you can visualize and configure existing and non-existing products or buildings. You can show these to customers or employees without having to travel to them.

Let one of our virtual tours surprise you.
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VR training courses and simulations.

Virtual Reality is extremely powerful in visualizing cause and effect. That’s why this medium is perfect for virtual training courses. This way, employees do not only learn which actions should be performed in specific scenarios, but also how these actions should be performed. For example, you can train a wide range of safety procedures, exposing your trainees to all kinds of dangers without them taking any risk.

We have developed a safety training for B&V Partners in Veiligheid. Check out our case.
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Don’t believe us? Let our showcases do the talking.

Alimak Scando 650a

How can we assist with remote working?

Innovation is not just a project, it’s a process. Our goal is to develop solutions to ensure that you can safely work remotely, while your communication and collaboration stay up-to-date. We can help you and your employees stay safe and concerned. Whether you’re facing major or minor challenges, we are here to advise and help you with a sustainable solution that works best for your business model.

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