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Game experiences

We create unique game experiences for your organization. Attract, connect and influence people in a playful way.

Benefits of game experiences

What can game experiences mean for you?

A game can be a powerful medium to tell a story, educate your users, grow your customer base or develop a sustainable platform to interact with your community.


You can amaze users with a beautiful environment, fun mechanics or an engaging story. A great way to make a lasting impression.


Users can interact with your organization in a unique way. Or with each other. Enabling you to grow a community, cultivate teamwork or connect with your audience.


Your game can be completely customized to fit your brand, goals and themes. The possibilities are endless.

Use cases

There’s lots of possible uses for a game. Whether you want to connect people to your brand, or improve the performance of your employees. Be inspired by the three use cases below. Or maybe you’ll inspire us with your own ideas – we’d love to hear about them!

Level-up your business


Games can work wonders for employee performance and satisfaction. It can be a playful way to improve workplace efficiency or to implement change in the organization. Alternatively, it can be an essential tool to explore complicated decision-making processes and aid with strategic planning.

A (digital) boardgame is an accessible, interactive way to gamify your strategy sessions.

Unique, interactive content

Content marketing & branding

Spruce up your marketing campaigns with a branded game! A fun, interactive way to increase brand awareness or boost engagement. Let users familiarize themselves with your ideals, products or business model. Or have them participate in a contest. One thing’s for sure: they’ll definitely remember your name after playing.

A web experience is a great way to incorporate a game to your brand – on your existing website or a new landing page.

What are the possibilities?

There’s a million ways to create a game. With or without VR. For smartphones, PC or even as a classic boardgame. We recommend discussing your ideas and goals with us first, so we can explore the options together. But here’s a few types of games to consider.

VR games

Virtual reality has the ability to completely immerse the user in a role, scenario or environment of your choosing. It puts the user right in the middle of the action. That’s why it’s potentially the most emotionally impactful type of game. It’s also very intuitive and lifelike, because users can physically look around, move and interact with the virtual environment.

Showcase – We’ve developed a VR paraglider game for our sister company Enversed Entertainment, and later created a branded variation for Red Bull.

Web experiences

These games are both accessible and lightweight. And are therefore well-optimized to be easily shared and useable on a plethora of devices. No powerful hardware required. These games can also be embedded on an existing website or landing page, to complement your other web content and enrich your visitors’ user experience.

Showcase – We’ve created this interactive escape room (Dutch) for the Eise Eisinga Planetarium and Museum Martena that teaches children about the history of Franeker.

(Digital) boardgames

Bring a physical boardgame to the table, combine it with an app, or play it completely digitally. The recognizable formula of classic board- or cardgames can be adapted to many business needs. They can be used to help understand complicated processes, improve management and planning skills, or for teambuilding purposes.

Coming soon – We’re currently working on two (digital) boardgames that simulate and experiment with complicated processes. One in collaboration with Brainport Eindhoven, and the other with the Dutch Design Foundation.

How can we assist you?

Innovation is not just a project, it’s a process. And we’d like to be there, at your side, from start to finish. To give advice, or help you strategize. To develop and realize your vision. And to maintain and update your digital solution. We can help you create a sustainable solution that empowers your business model.

Let’s explore
the possibilities

Are you looking for a partner who is involved in your business aspirations? As a studio, we can filter the latest technologies and translate them into valuable, sustainable solutions for you. Make an appointment for a free consultation or call us to discuss the possibilities. We’re looking forward to meeting you!