NS – Virtual Reality research app

By collaborating with Mecanoo and Gispen, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) is currently designing a brand new line of train interiors. In order to evaluate their designs, we’ve developed a VR research app that allows participants to freely explore and review the train interior of the future.

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“Our VR simulation allows users to experience a lifelike train of the future. No cables, no boundaries.”

Our challenge

Meaningful surveys require realistic test scenarios. Since videos, images and illustrations are incapable in providing us the same insights as real life experiences, we had to design our VR survey to be as immersive and realistic as possible.

Our solution

We have developed a backpack VR experience to remove any obstructive cables or spatial boundaries. A VR setup like this creates a perfect sense of spatiality and enables participants to judge the interior design as if it’s actually there.

VR as part of the
bigger picture.

During the design evaluations, NS didn’t utilize Virtual Reality as their primary goal, but rather used it as a supportive tool. By combining our virtual experience with existing research tools like questionnaires, VR could retain its supportive function in a more extended research programme.

Wireless freedom

By carrying a laptop as their backpack, users can cross an entire train compartment wirelessly. This type of freedom doesn’t only increase the level of immersion but also removes obstructive cables.

Simulated occupancy rates

To experiment with different scenarios, it was essential to have the ability to adjust occupancy rates in the train compartment. Thanks to our VR application, researchers could add animated characters dynamically.

Operator modules

Our VR application supports supervision by an operator. By using spectator views via a separate screen, they are able to provide support during various research phases. In addition, operators can communicate with multiple VR users via headphones.

“The research app generated lots of feedback that will be used in the design process.”

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