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Product visualization & design

We make ways to showcase or improve your products. Impress your target audiences or gather useful user feedback.

Benefits of product visualizations

What can visualization or product design solutions mean for you?

We want to bring your products or locations to life, virtually. That way, others can interact with them before buying. Or you can gain valuable feedback, that you can use to make your improvements really matter.


Inspire, explore, evaluate or envision. Enable users to experience and interact with your products – even if they haven’t been built yet.


Full 3D models allows us to create multiple solutions with different functions, without having to start from scratch.


Show your audiences that you’re ahead of the curve with cutting-edge visualization tools.

Use cases

Our game-driven solutions can help your product showcases evolve to new levels. Or help you gain new insights and feedback about your product. There’s many great ways to use product visualizations, but here’s three good use cases. Or maybe you’ve got a better idea? We’d love to hear it!

Design the product of the future

Research & design

Virtually creating your product or location is a great way to gather feedback. It lets users explore and experience what you have to offer, without having to actually build a working prototype. This allows you to evaluate your design cost efficiently.

Configurable virtual showcases are an excellent way to test your designs.

Impress potential customers

Sales & marketing

Virtual product showcases can be a powerful sales tool. Bring along a mobile VR-setup to impress your potential customers, or let them experience your product digitally from behind their own pc, tablet or smartphone. You – or your users – can even configure the products or location on the spot, for a personalized experience.

A virtual showcase is a great method to impress your potential customers. While a more lightweight web configurator makes for a more accessible, interactive way to showcase your products.

Virtual tours and home viewings

Real estate tours

It isn’t easy to start sales when your project hasn’t been fully realized yet. After all, your potential buyers want to experience the space personally and visualize the possibilities of a property. Luckily, a virtual tour can have that same effect, making it a great tool to boost your presales or to filter potential buyers.

With 360° virtual tours, you can let your audience experience the location, as if they were really there.

What are the possibilities?

Virtual product visualization and design solutions are incredibly versatile. Scale, level of interactivity and device compatibility can all be tailored to your needs and wishes. Feel free to check out the options below, or contact us to talk about all the possibilities.

Virtual Showcases

A virtual showcase can be an ideal tool to sell, review or proudly introduce your products to the world. You can completely immerse your audience in VR, project your product into the real world with AR, or create a web catalogue with 3D models of your products. Have them displayed purely to look at, use animations to show them in action, or allow people to interact with your product directly. The choice is yours.

Showcase – Check out this configurable VR research tool we’ve made to help the NS (or ‘Dutch Railways’) design a brand new line of train interiors.

Virtual tours

Virtual 360° tours are great tools to immerse your audience in a property or workplace of your choosing. You can emphasize immersion with virtual reality, or allow usage without VR to make them easy to share on the internet and social media.

Showcase – We’ve created this virtual tour (in Dutch) of Chemelot’s diverse industrial park, and the many businesses that reside there.


While virtual showcases and tours also offer some configuration options, the more lightweight web configurator directly aims to give users control. They can configure a digitalized product or location to their wishes. Whether it’s to mix and match colors, enlarge or reduce sizes or try out different compositions.

How can we assist you?

Innovation is not just a project, it’s a process. And we’d like to be there, at your side, from start to finish. To give advice, or help you strategize. To develop and realize your vision. And to maintain and update your digital solution. We can help you create a sustainable solution that empowers your business model.

Let’s explore
the possibilities

Are you looking for a partner who is involved in your business aspirations? As a studio, we can filter the latest technologies and translate them into valuable, sustainable solutions for you. Make an appointment for a free consultation or call us to discuss the possibilities. We’re looking forward to meeting you!