Virtual Reality
Escape Games.

Strap yourself in! This year, Enversed Studios will start publishing VR Escape Games for entertainment venues. These experiences will become exclusively available in selected locations, such as Escape Rooms, VR Arcades and theme parks. Are you ready for some next-gen entertainment?

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About our VR Escape Games

Simply put, our mission is to create the most amazing VR Escape Games for your guests. Our games focus on player cooperation, teambuilding and immersiveness for a wide audience. Contrary to ‘physical’ Escape Rooms, our VR Games let your visitors experience thrilling adventures that would be far too dangerous in real-life.

All VR Escape Games will be distributed through dedicated licenses that will grant your location access to additional Escape Games multiple times a year.

About Enversed Studios

Enversed Studios is a creative game studio and frontrunner in publishing high-end Virtual Reality experiences. We are specialized in everything immersive media has to offer: from adrenaline packed VR Simulators to large-scale multiplayer games. Feel free to check out our showcases!

Next to that, we’re the creative partner of Enversed Entertainment. Based on this collaboration, we truly believe VR Escape Games are the next step for your entertainment venue.

Available info

VR Escape Games

  • First game is expected to arrive Q4 2020
  • Available game modes: 2, 3 and 4 players

Exclusively available for

  • Escape Rooms
  • Virtual Reality Arcades
  • Entertainment Centers
Moving on to pressing matters.

What’s in it for you?

More returning customers

Since we publish multiple games a year, you get to offer many types of Escape Games without having to switch rooms, assets or hardware.

A proven formula

Escape Rooms are succesful all around the globe. Our virtual counterpart makes it an even more sustainable asset to your entertainment venue.

Endless possibilities

VR removes all physicial limitations. Your guests can visit epic locations and perform dangerous stunts without taking any actual risks.

“You’re no longer limited to physical rooms and props. Operate as many VR Escape Games as you want, wherever you want.”

Is your location interested in distributing our VR Escape Games? Just fill in the form below so you’ll be able to participate in our game design survey. This allows us to develop the best experiences suited to your business. As we’re not a fan of spam either, we won’t bother you with more than three questionnaires.

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Let’s show it in a timeline.

So, how will these
VR Escape Games work?


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Just leave your contact details below so we can involve you in our game design process.

Tell us what content you need

Your opinion matters! Respond to our survey and tell us your preferences on themes, puzzles and licensing models.

Be part of the latest news

Trailers, screenshots, artwork and game descriptions: we'll get you all the materials you require for your marketing efforts.

Get access to our VR Escape Games

If you decide to use our licensing platform, you'll have access to all of our VR Escape Games.

What's included in your license?

Our licenses cover all VR Escape Games developed by Enversed Studios. As long as your license is active, you’ll have access to our VR content. We’ll also provide a complete media kit for you to use in your own marketing campaigns. Please note: our licenses do not cover hardware, VR Headsets or physical props.

Please keep in mind that, instead of monthly fees, we charge you a small fee per player.

What's required to run the VR games?

As a start, you’ll need a playing area of at least 3m x 3m (10′ x 10′) per player. Every active player need one PC along with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset. Minimum system requirements will be announced shortly.

Lastly, you’re required to have one dedicated PC to serve as your operator system. This will allow you to start, manage and check on multiple sessions simultaneously.

Will your content be available on other platforms?

No. We design our VR Escape Games to serve as high-end entertainment for friend, families and colleagues to enjoy together. That’s why we distribute our games exclusively to venues like yours.

What am I allowed to charge my customers?

Seeing as you manage your own booking system, that’s entirely up to you to decide. Whether you charge per room or per player, you get to define your rates and pricing structure.

Is is as much fun as a physical Escape Room?

You bet it is! Even though your guests are equipped with VR headsets, players will still be able to see each other and communicate just like they would in real life. Our cooperative games emphasize the fun and excitement that can be achieved by working together.

Where can I find in-game screenshots or trailers?

Unfortunately, there’s no footage available at the moment. Since we want to involve you in our design process, we would love to integrate your ideas. As long as we know what your needs are, we can keep developing games that work best for you and your customers.

We’re here for you.

We hope our FAQ covers some of your questions. Are you in dire need of additional information? No problemo. Just send a message to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re available from 09:00 to 17:00 (CET) during weekdays.

Meet the team!

Should you want to know more about us, you’re welcome to pay us a visit! Our studio is based in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). We would love to show you our work environment, development team and VR Games. Just contact us to make an appointment.

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Rest assured, sending us your contact details won’t commit you to anything. As our license models are currently in development, we’ll cross that bridge once we get there.

Thanks to you, we truly believe we’ll be able to develop the best Escape Games we have to offer.

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