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GameChangers is an interactive exhibition during the Dutch Design Week (DDW), where you get to experience firsthand how game technology can make a positive impact on individuals and organizations.

Location Philitelaan 57, Eindhoven
Expo date 21 – 29 Oktober 2023
Opening hours 11:00 – 18:00

What will we showcase?

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Exclusive expo tours

Do you want to know about the possibilities of game technology tailored to your situation, goals, or organization? Or are you looking for a great way to enthuse and inspire colleagues? Then our exclusive expo tour might be just what you’re looking for.

Based on your preferences, our experts can prepare a guided tour that is tailored to what is truly relevant for your group.

This makes the tour a perfect way to create support and gather practical insights that you can use for your own organization. After the tour, our expert will answer any questions you might have, and you will have the freedom to try out demos on the interactive expo yourself.

Duration 45 minutes
Price EUR 10 per person
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This is the floor plan


VR Miniracers

Race with remote miniature cars in virtual reality! Control your car with a VR headset and try to quickly reach all the right addresses in the model city.


Greenscape Concepts

Explore beautiful vacation homes in a natural landscape using game engines. Feel like you’re really there as you explore these unique homes.


Transformation Games

Discover how interactive serious games help companies transform. In “Factory of the Future,” you experience the digital transformation of factories under the motto of Industry 4.0.


LevelUp Café / Holographic Board Games

Enjoy social mixed reality experiences with Tilt Five. This turns any table into a holographic playground for you and your companions.


Murder Mysteries

Find out how you can step into the shoes of a detective using AI. Dynamic conversations with eyewitnesses and suspects make each play session a unique experience.


Virtual Worlds Museum

With free-roaming VR, you can truly walk around in virtual worlds. In this museum-like experience, take a special journey through various scenarios.


Social Skills VR Feedback Training

Experience how you can train social skills in virtual situations. AI and voice recognition allow you to practice dynamic conversations that feel very lifelike.


TMA Talent Games

Discover how gamification workshops can make learning more fun and educational. In this serious game, players use their personal TMA profile to take on challenges and strengthen their team.


Virtual learning platforms

Get acquainted with Enversed Studios’ concept for digital learning methods that form an effective curriculum for broader audiences.


YawVR FlightSim

Fly like a pro with YawVR! With immersive VR visuals and real motion feedback, it feels just like you’re piloting a real airplane.


DDF Mobility Expo

Frequently asked questions

Is the expo free?

Absolutely! The GameChangers expo is free to visit during opening hours. You don’t need to sign up or register for this. A DDW wristband or ticket is also not required.

We only charge a fee of €10 per person for the additional expo tour.

Do I need a DDW ticket?

No, our expo location DONNA is not part of any paid DDW program. Therefore, you can visit our expo and experience our various booths without a ticket.

What can I do at your expo?

Game Changers is all about digital interaction. This means that, in addition to viewing experiences and applications, you can also experience them yourself! You can converse with AI-driven characters, put out fires in VR, stroll through a virtual museum, and much more.

How long can I expect to be busy at the Game Changers expo?

That entirely depends on how many experiences you want to try! We have at least one demo available per theme, some of which are longer than others. We anticipate that an average visit will last about one hour.

How do I get to the expo, and what about parking?

If you’re coming by car, there are parking facilities available in the Strijp-S district. The nearest garage is called ‘Om De Hoek,’ and it’s right around the corner from our expo location. It can get busy during this week, though. If the garages in Strijp-S are full, you can also try Parking Philips Stadion, which is a fifteen-minute walk away.

The expo is also easily accessible by train or bus. If you get off at Strijp-S bus stop or Strijp-S train station, it’s only a five-minute walk. Always check for current information and departure times.

Dutch Design Week offers more options, including bicycle rental and transportation for wheelchair users. Visit for more information.

Is the expo wheelchair-friendly?

Yes, our expo is located on the ground floor and is fully accessible for wheelchair users. The game experiences available at the expo can also be enjoyed by wheelchair users.

In which language is the expo held?

We conduct both our expo and expo tours bilingually: Dutch and English.

Request an expo tour!

Our expo is free and open to everyone. But if you want a program with more substance, reserve one of our exclusive expo tours. Fill out your preferences in this form, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible!