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Interactive storytelling

We want to tell your story. Game technology can immerse and engage your audiences to give them a memorable experience.

Benefits of interactive storytelling

What can interactive storytelling mean for you?

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether your story is heard also depends on how you tell it. Our interactive game technology allows us to create unique storytelling solutions that help you stand out and tell your story in an impactful way.


Give audiences a new perspective. Make your story come alive around them, or move them to a virtual environment of your choosing.


Your audiences can play a role in your story, making it a more emotionally impactful and memorable experience for them.


Tell your story in an interactive and interesting way, so you can stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression.

Use cases

Our game-driven solutions can help tell your stories in unique and memorable ways.

Tell your story

Interactive stories

You want to share a piece about your business, teach a valuable lesson, or simply let others enjoy a good story. Our virtual solutions can put your audience right in the middle of the story. This lets them connect on a more personal and emotional level, thus giving them a more memorable experience.

A 3D cinematic with 360 view can help you capture the attention of your audiences.

Share your insights

Data visualization

You’ve got a wealth of information, and are ready to share it. Now it’s time to make it both interesting and easy to understand. Impress and engage your audience with a truly interactive presentation. Because sometimes adding graphs to a PowerPoint isn’t enough.

2D animations are a great way to spruce up your data presentations, while using an interactive exhibition could aid you in displaying your data in a physical location.

Move your audiences

Leisure & entertainment

Whether you’re running a museum, theme park or other leisure venue, interactive storytelling can be used to give your entertainment formula a new dimension.

By pairing 3D cinematics with physical attractions, you can combine the real and the virtual to create a truly unique, memorable experience.

What are the possibilities?

There’s many ways to tell a story. Depending on your organization, goals and wishes, we can recommend one of our tools or experiences: from 3D cinematics or 2D animations, to fully interactive exhibitions. Each medium has its own advantages and disadvantages. Learn more below.


Cinematics are versatile and powerful tools to tell your story. 2D animations are especially useful to explain or simplify complicated subjects, liven up a presentation, or showcase something on social media. Alternatively, a 3D cinematic offers a unique perspective and immersive experience, putting users right in the middle of the story.

You can go for maximum compatibility, letting users engage with your story on any device, right from their browser. Or you can opt for a more immersive VR experience. You can even take it a step further, and pair VR with a physical attraction – by syncing the cinematic to the movements of a motion simulator, ride or coaster.

Showcase – For Phillips SmartSleep we immersed users into the role of a driver who suffers from chronic sleep deprivation. Learn more.

Interactive exhibitions

Interactive storytelling can make your exhibition more impactful and memorable. As users interact with your story personally, they get more emotionally invested. This can create a bigger sense of meaning, understanding or enjoyment. A great option to complement your exhibition or create something from scratch.

Nomination – The Mobility Cube we’ve worked on with Glance & Vision and Dutch Design Foundation has been nominated for a Sign+ Award! Learn more (in Dutch).

How can we assist you?

Innovation is not just a project, it’s a process. And we’d like to be there, at your side, from start to finish. To give advice, or help you strategize. To develop and realize your vision. And to maintain and update your digital solution. We can help you create a sustainable solution that empowers your business model.

Let’s explore
the possibilities

Are you looking for a partner who is involved in your business aspirations? As a studio, we can filter the latest technologies and translate them into valuable, sustainable solutions for you. Make an appointment for a free consultation or call us to discuss the possibilities. We’re looking forward to meeting you!