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Interactive storytelling

Actively engage your audience with your brand, story, or product.

Discover how!
Interactive storytelling offers a personalized experience that boosts engagement and interest.

Bring your marketing campaign, brand, or story to life.

Increase attention and brand engagement.

Enrich your brand identity with a branded game or experience.

What can you use it for?

Use a branded game for interactive storytelling as the spearhead of your marketing campaign, ideal for both live events and trade shows as well as online campaigns.

Standing out at key events

With an event game, you’ll make your booth the talk of the day.

At a bustling event, everyone wants to be in the spotlight. With an engaging game that fits your brand, we not only help you stand out but also break the ice. It’s a unique way to introduce your brand and start informal conversations that linger.

With the arcade event game ‘Defend-a-plant’, Plagron‘s renewed brand identity shines at international trade fairs.

Enriching online campaigns and content

A marketing game increases your online visibility and brand engagement.

Everyone wants to stand out. That’s also true online. Interactive content brings your brand or product to life in a unique way. This not only differentiates you from the competition but also offers your target audience an intriguing way to explore your brand or product.

With the online escape game Ontrafel Franeker (Unravel Franeker), we excite children about visiting two historic Frisian museums.

Worry-free guided tours

A digital tour is a practical and elegant way to showcase your location, building, or business processes.

There’s no better way to introduce your organization than by personally guiding someone around and sharing your story. With a digital 360° tour, you provide your audience with a similar touchpoint, minus the concerns of availability or safety regulations.

During the coronavirus crisis, our 360° tour for Chemelot served as a perfect alternative to their annual guided tour.

Check out our success stories

Every story is unique and deserves a specific approach. Discover our branded games and interactive storytelling projects, each handcrafted to tell stories in a unique way!


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