Factory of the Future

Serious game | Developed with Brainport Industries

This serious game challenges players to make a fictional manufacturing company futureproof as a team, by implementing the right Industry 4.0 technologies. Players gain valuable insights in a playful manner, which they can use to innovate within their own organization.

“Good example of a transformation game that makes themes and transitions accessible.”

The challenge

Industry 4.0 and other innovation themes can often be challenging to tackle within organizations due to their complexity. And yet, embracing these developments offers numerous advantages. So, how do you make experimenting with complex change processes and innovation projects accessible, lucrative, and enjoyable?

Our solution

This serious game uses gaming principles and business simulations to mimic the transformation from Industry 3.0 to 4.0 in a fictional manufacturing company. As a result, players can explore various options, make decisions, and experience the consequences as a team. The business simulations provide valuable insights and practical tools that players can use to innovate purposefully within their own organization.

Making complex processes fun and interactive

Gamification principles help us transform complex information to a fun journey of exploration. In playful manner, players discover which Industrie 4.0 techniques are available and the potential impact these could have on a business.

Because the game simulates various business processes, players can directly experience the consequences of their actions. Some change might cause stress or issues. Playing the game helps you uncover potential risks involved in transforming a company.

Game & workshop hybrid

The game Factory of the Future is played in a workshop setting that doesn’t just use touch screen but also has physical components. Not only does this setting help create (social) interaction, it also makes break-out moments possible in which players can actively reflect on their own organization.

Booster for evaluation and discussion

At the end of the game, an overview of key decision points will be displayed. Both this overview and the break-out sessions can be used to initiate discussions and convert gameplay moments into valuable insights.

Serious games for inspiration and exploration

Factory of the Future is the first iteration of our Future Journeys formula. We’re going to use this to make transformation and change processes smarter, more accessible, and more fun. Factory of the Future realizes this for the manufacturing industry. However, the idea can be applied to various markets and themes.

"With Future Journeys, you can experience processes that normally take years in just one afternoon. This gives you a better understanding of the urgency to start and the different paths you can take."


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