This EPT training is not meant to teach people how to drive an electric pallet truck (EPT). Instead, it focusses on teaching the correct safety protocols and stimulating responsible work behaviors.

“It turns learning about your own work into an intuitieve and fun experience.”

The challenge

Driving an EPT isn’t all that difficult. But because of that simplicity, safety protocols can be easily overlooked. That could lead to risky situations or even workplace incidents. How do you solve this? A general announcement or workshop often isn’t enough. Those could cause annoyances among your employees, or fail to be recognizable enough for employees to realize it applies to them as well. So the question is: how can you teach people in a smart and fun way about safely working with EPTs?

Our solution

We created a VR scenario training in which warehouse employees can get acquainted with safety protocols and driving techniques in an intuitive way. VR turns this training into a memorable personal experience – especially if participants have never used VR before. And at the same time, it’s a very effective way to decrease the number of workplace incidents and to stimulate safety awareness among employees.

Intuitive controls

By training in a physically recreated EPT steering wheel, the controls feel much more familiar and realistic. Compared to traditional VR controllers, this provides a much more immersive experience for EPT drivers, making it easier for them to get started and less distracted.

Familiar virtual environments

The EPT training takes place in a simulated warehouse. Not only so that the virtual environment feels familiar to trainees, but also so they have to take (virtual) colleagues into account, who walk and drive around the workplace.

Moreover, a virtual environment allows you to make mistakes without risks or extra costs. After all, you don’t take any damage when you crash into a virtual wall.


In the training, warehouse employees complete their regular tasks, just like they would in real life. Only now, they receive pop-up notifications whenever they show unsafe or incorrect behavior, with an explanation of how they could improve. This way, you can apply the learning material directly on their own natural work behavior. This causes them to be much more aware of their own risks and possible improvements, compared to when you want to spread awareness via general announcements or traditional tests.

Scenario-based learning

With a VR scenariotraining you can train all kinds of situations. In the case of this EPT training, you can handle different kinds of loads and practice defensive driving techniques, for example. Not only does the training simulate the tasks, but it also simulates context and the environment. This makes the learning material much more accurate, gives trainees a higher immersion, and allows you to build a more varied training program.

"Virtual training makes everyday tasks much safer, more efficient, and more fun to practice!"

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