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Employer branding

Elevate your employer brand to the next level.

Discover how!
Interactivity makes your employer brand clear and appealing, enabling you to find, recruit, and onboard the right candidates.

Set your brand apart in the job market.

Allow candidates to personally get to know your organization.

Ensure new colleagues can start off on the right foot.

What can you use it for?

With games and interaction, you can take your employer brand to the next level. For better results with recruitment, matchmaking and onboarding.

Finding and selecting staff

With a recruitment game or campaign, you offer an engaging insight into your organization.

Through virtual tours or games, you show what working at your organization entails. Candidates can explore your employer brand independently, form opinions, and assess if the work suits them. This way, you make candidates excited and prepared for an application.

With Beroepsoriëntatie 360 (Career orientation 360), we allow students and job seekers to familiarize themselves with professions in an accessible way.

Selecting the right candidates

With a matchmaking game, you get an accurate picture of how candidates would perform or fit in.

As an employer, you want to select the right candidates and avoid unnecessary mismatches. We can help you gain precise insights into the suitability of potential employees, making it more efficient to assess and even evaluate international candidates.

Our mini-games in the campaign Zonder jou geen logistiek (Without you, no logistics) let site visitors explore which logistics professions suit them.

Digital onboarding

With digital onboarding, new colleagues can prepare at home and start their first day well.

An interactive web environment is ideal for onboarding. It allows new employees to familiarize themselves with their work environment and tasks at their own pace. Additionally, by performing online exercises, they can reduce anxieties and increase their productivity from day one.

For HEYDAY, we devised a 360-degree tour, allowing new staff to get to know the office.

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