Defend a Plant!

Event game | Developed for Plagron

With this arcade-style game, Plagron attracts visitors to their booth at busy trade fairs. A great example of how a relatively simple game concept can increase attention and interaction.

“Great eye-catcher and icebreaker for a busy fair or convention. Simple, yet effective!”

The challenge

Plagron wanted to steal the show at Spannabis – one of the world’s largest conventions for the cannabis market. They developed a new mascott and an awesome stand, but wanted to add an interactive element that stood out and suited their brand.

Our solution

Defend A Plant! A competitive game for two players, inspired by old school arcade shooters. This interactive experience completed the renewed Plagron stand. A real eye-catcher and a great way to get acquainted with the Plagron brand.

The power of simplicity

Defend A Plant is based on a relatively simple game design, but that’s exactly what makes it shine at busy conventions. Simple rules and controls allow a broad audience to play, without needing a lot of instruction.

  1. Shoot at as many flies (and competitors) as possible
  2. Don’t hit Plagron products
  3. Break the high score!

Competition and awards

The game is made to play with two people at once, for a bit of friendly competition. And because of the high score system, you don’t just play against your direct opponent, but against everyone who plays the game at the event. This way Plagron could reward the ultimate plant defenders with fun merchandise!

Striking physical arrangement

A large screen with moving images, two joysticks and people playing at your exhibition stand. That’s how you stand out! Event visitors become curious, take a look or queue up to play. And while they wait, they can also have a chat with your event employees.

Mobile version and digital content

For Plagron we also made the game compatible with smartphones. That allowed Plagron to also give the audience at home a fun experience. Just take some pictures and videos of people playing at the event, and share the link to the mobile game on your social media. Interesting social media content in an instant!

Visibility and engagement

Event visitors are not only there to learn, but also want to enjoy themselves. That’s why the game was an amazing way to stand out and entertain visitors at the busy event. Not only did it increase the visibility of Plagron’s stand, but also the interaction with their colleagues and brand. And that came together perfectly with another new addition to the Plagron brand: their mascot El Legendario!

Stand out and increase interaction with a unique exhibition stand that matches your brand.


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