Alimak Scando 650a

An interactive 360° presentation that lets users examine the newest construction hoist by Alimak. An easy, informative and good-looking way to present the new product to a large audience.

“The 360° presentation lets you explore the construction hoist on your own, or in a pre-defined order with the built-in guided tour.”

The challenge

The best way to experience a construction hoist is in person. But how can you present it to a broad audience in an accessible way?

Our solution

We developed a virtual construction site in which you can discover the Scando 650a, the newest construction hoist by Alimak, at your own pace. The 360° environment offers interactive information hotspots and animations that highlight the hoist’s features and capabilities.

Easy to embed

Our 360° presentation is easy to embed in a website or other digital platform.


The 3D environment can be reused for different purposes, such as e-learning or animation videos.

Strong foundation

The virtual construction site can be expanded upon to include a broad range of Alimak products.

Designed with installers, users and managers in mind.

We’ve made the added value of the Scando 650a tangible for each target group. For example, installers can discover how easy the installation process is, while managers can gain insight into the efficiency of the elevator.

Alimak proudly presents a revolutionary construction hoist that sets a new standard for the industry.

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