BHVR – Virtual training

With this virtual training participants can learn to localize and neutralize fires in realistic emergency scenario’s, without any risks. The training is officially recognised by the NIBHV, making it possible to earn ER certificates by playing through the entire BHVR training.

“The participants learn quickly, both about emergency response and how to use VR. Everyone starts gently, but leaves the VR space with a lot of confidence.”

The challenge

The fact that emergency response training is often compulsory does not mean that it should be boring. That is why B&V Partners in Veiligheid wanted to make their training courses worthwhile for their customers: better learning results, higher efficiency and more enjoyable training courses.

Our solution

Together we developed the VR scenario training BHVR. With virtual training, lifelike emergency situations can be experienced without risks. In this way, participants can safely learn from mistakes, and gain the confidence needed to apply the new knowledge in real life.

Learning from mistakes, without risks

Training in VR allows participants to experience the emergency scenarios as if they were real, without facing real dangers. This allows them to learn from mistakes, without risk or additional costs.

Higher engagement through recognizable environments

VR transports participants to a realistic, completely different location. For example, an office building, an industrial factory or a hospital ward. This makes the training feel recognizable and lifelike, which in turn leads to a more engaging experience. And that ensures a higher learning value.

Good for the environment and for your wallet

In VR you can try out an infinite number of fire extinguishers without wasting any of them. B&V expects a CO2 reduction of 50%! The training also saves material costs in the long run, and ensures faster turnaround times. Good for business, but also for the environment.

Linked to official certification

BHVR meets mandatory criteria and is officially recognized by NIBHV. This allows students to earn their official ER certificate by completing the entire BHVR training.

Created to empower instructors, not replace them.

The evaluation of a VR training is at least as important as the training itself. The training allows instructors to monitor and train more students simultaneously, without compromising on quality. Clear real-time data enables instructors to use their time efficiently and to indicate specific areas for improvement.

Valuable data in real time


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