Ontrafel Franeker

An interactive experience that inspires children to visit a historical Frisian town: Franeker! This educational online escape room sends children back in time, to discover Franeker in a uniquely fun way.

“A unique digital experience that bridges the gap between children’s screen time and a healthy visit to a real-world location.”

The challenge

The Frisian town of Franeker has a very rich history that visitors can experience at the Eise Eisinga Planetarium and Museum Martena. But how do you convey this in a way that inspires families to visit the town?

Our solution

We created a game that speaks to children’s curiosity. Letting them play a role in Franeker’s history, is a great way to make them interested in the town. The game works like an online escape room, and is directly connected to the central themes of both participating museums. The young players are challenged to unravel a mystery in 18th century Franeker. And if they can do it within 15 minutes time, they’re rewarded for their efforts.

Cross-platform availability

The game can be played in any webbrowser on tablet, laptop and PC. No installation necessary!


Not only is the game fun, it also teaches about real historical characters and events in a way that children can easily grasp.


Successful completion of the escape room leads to a high score to be proud of. On top of that the player also receives one free ticket to both participating museums, giving them yet another reason to visit the town.

Fun, educational and accessible.

Ontrafel Franeker (Unravel Franeker) was developed as a fun and educational experience for children from ages 6 to 12. They can learn about the history of Franeker on several devices directly in their webbrowser.

Visit interesting locations, and talk to special people that made an impact in the history of Franeker

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