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Awareness games

Create awareness about important themes within your organization.

Discover how!
An awareness game enhances understanding and awareness by playfully confronting users with behavior and thought patterns.

Create support for rules, protocols, and changes.

Make complex or sensitive topics discussable.

Reduce risks and prevent undesirable situations.

What can you use it for?

You can use awareness games in various ways to promote awareness and dialogue within your organization.

Increasing digital resilience

With a cybersecurity awareness game, you learn to recognize, avoid, and counteract online risks.

An awareness game teaches employees to handle privacy and data responsibly, based on their role in the organization. This makes the theme of cybersecurity personally relevant, recognizable, and applicable.

Digital board games are an effective way to make choices and consequences accessible and understandable.

Making topics discussable

A thematic awareness game removes discomfort around sensitive topics.

Social or societal themes can be complex or sensitive. An awareness game helps to bring these topics to attention in an accessible manner and encourages discussing them with others.

With a smartphone app, GGD Brabant-Zuidoost was able to spread awareness about the coronavirus pandemic in an engaging way.

Creating support for changes

A game for behavioral change reduces stress, resistance, and confusion.

The necessity and impact of a proposed change are not always clear. With an awareness game, someone can discover this in an accessible way, leading to a better understanding of the change and less fear of the consequences.

With our 360-degree simulation, Ennatuurlijk can experiment with various installations to see what the implications of changes are.

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