VR Time Machine Simulator

Developed with Motor OÜ for Timecenter Wittenstein

This experience combines immersive VR cinematics with a motion simulator. That way, visitors of the Wittenstein museum can experience the years 1800 to 1900 with their own eyes.

“A very special addition to the physical museum exhibits.”

The challenge

Timecenter Wittenstein in Estonia is a place where visitors can learn about the different eras of our history. The museum wanted to expand her activities and exhibits with an immersive and personal experience.

Our solution

This VR cinematic lets visitors fly through history, in what feels like a real time machine. With a cockpit-view they can watch various inventions and events from the 1800s, including short holographic descriptions. The combination of VR and a motion simulator makes the experience feel very lifelike.

From 3D environment to 360 cinematics

This experience was ‘filmed’ in a 3D environment, as it were. As a result, you do not experience the images in VR as flat images, but as a real spatial experience. In addition, this way of filming makes it possible to completely adapt the environment, objects and route to your wishes.

VR and motion

Doesn’t flying around in VR make you nauseous?

Because of the motion simulator made by Motor OÜ, most people don’t really experience nausea. The movement of the simulator is synchronized with the movement you see in VR. This makes movement feel more natural to your brain, causing less nausea. Moreover, the experience is much more realistic because you stimulate more senses.

Reusable components

The 360 images created for this experience can also be used as an interactive 360 video, or even a traditional 2D video. And those are very easy to embed in websites or share via social media. This makes them suitable for use as marketing content.

Storytelling with VR

Virtual reality makes it possible to experience a story in the most personal way. Users can fly through different eras in a time machine, join a Red Bull competition with a paraglider, or experience what it’s like to get behind the wheel with a lack of sleep. And those are just a few examples. You can simulate any imaginable location or scenario. Even fictional ones.

The perspective and interactivity of VR makes the experience feel very lifelike. This effect is even greater when combined with a motion simulator. This makes the experience a much more personally impactful. That’s how you make your story truly memorable.

"VR allows your audience to experience your story as if they were really there."

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