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Management games

Make complex business decisions more accessible.

Discover how!
Management games simplify and add fun to formulating a well-considered business strategy.

Clarify and illuminate complex processes.

Experiment with strategic choices and their outcomes.

Provide valuable feedback and build support.

What can you use it for?

We view management games as the ultimate way to make organizational issues and projects more accessible, especially for themes like transition, sustainability, innovation, or collaboration.

Experimenting with choices and changes

With a transformation game, you can experiment with complex change processes.

Gamification allows us to make transformation and change processes more accessible, smarter, and more enjoyable. This is possible across various sectors or themes. By playfully experimenting, you gain a clear understanding of the urgency, possibilities, and risks associated with strategic decisions.

Together with Brainport Industries, we make the transition to Industry 4.0 accessible and open for discussion with ‘Factory of the Future’.

Testing user experience and developing ideas

With a research simulation, you can have your ideas personally experienced.

Game technology enables stakeholders, colleagues, and end-users to personally experience your design – without the need for a physical prototype. With VR, for instance, you can place them right in the middle of a location to look around freely, or test a simulated product.

Our VR research simulation for NS (Dutch Railways) led to valuable user feedback for designing a new train interior.

Collaborating and designing remotely

With VR collaboration tools, you can work together as if you’re in the same room.

Sometimes, a video call just isn’t enough. We can assist you in collaborating with international colleagues in a virtual environment. Even though it’s online, VR can almost recreate the same level of interaction as in real life. This makes remote collaboration intuitive and productive.

For Sioux Technologies, we developed a VR Holodeck, enabling remote construction of technical designs.

Check out our success stories

We’ve created game applications for various sectors and on different themes. Discover how we tackled these projects and get inspired by our previous work!


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