AI Murder Mystery

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With this AI-driven game, you step into the shoes of a real detective. You must identify the correct culprit within 10 questions, but the suspects won’t make it easy for you.

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In short

  • Made in cooperation with SkillFull
    A demonstration of the power of AI
  • Dynamic conversations with digital characters
    Based on pre-configured personalities and guidelines
  • Effective, yet simple game concept
    Applicable for various education and entertainment goals

Mastering various AI applications

To facilitate realistic and dynamic conversations, we’ve combined several applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a single game experience.

Put simply, it works like this:

  1. You speak your question into a microphone.
  2. The first AI converts your voice to text.
  3. The second AI generates a unique response.
  4. The third AI converts the response back into audio.

Not a helpful assistant

Since ChatGPT is originally designed as a virtual assistant, the AI typically provides helpful answers. However, that’s not the case in our game. Each suspect has their own personality, morals, and objectives.

These personalities mean they aren’t always honest with you, the detective. They might sometimes lie or omit information if it suits their purposes.

Easy to play

Click and you’ve selected a suspect. Click and now you can speak out loud to the suspect. That’s it. With just two button presses, you as a player activate multiple AIs.

Moreover, everything is integrated into a clear and user-friendly interface. All the information you need is visible at a glance. Plus, you receive detailed physical handouts of the suspects’ files—the classic paper ‘case files’, just like in a crime thriller.”

Get to work, detective!

How is it currently used? Our Murder Mystery game is playable at our own Experience Center, specifically for those interested in AI. Additionally, we often bring the game to our own demos or events to demonstrate the power of AI in a fun, hands-on way.

A similar, but more business-oriented application of this type of AI is our conversation trainer for Crowe Foederer.

“In the Murder Mystery game, you see the power of conversational AI in action: dynamic conversations that feel very natural.”


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