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Enversed Studios

A studio with expertise in gaming technology for businesses and organizations. We develop tailored digital solutions, such as games, trainings and storytelling experiences.


Innovation powered by games

We create sustainable and scalable gaming solutions for training, edutainment and entertainment purposes in various business sectors. With our passion and expertise, we go further than just building products. We are your end-to-end partner, guiding and unburdening you with advice, design, production and growth.



We want to inspire and empower people with our creativity, imagination and passion for games.

This is how we playfully create a positive change in the world.

We want to push boundaries, reward curiosity, and think outside the box. That’s how we create innovative solutions that truly help organizations move forward. To be a pioneer in a rapidly changing world, we continuously explore and experiment with new technologies and developments.

We strive to make innovation both fun and accessible. By sharing knowledge, insights and expertise we can climb to new heights together. With over 150 completed projects, we’ve learned how to make advanced technology easily understandable and usable.

Innovation in your domain

We proudly look back on various partnerships in sectors such as health, safety, logistics, construction, real estate and entertainment. Our imagination and experience allows us to adapt our solutions to your specific situation and market.

The power of co-creation

We’re stronger together. That’s why we have several regular partners, whose unique expertises, networks and facilities perfectly align with our own skillset.

Einfach is a leading digital agency with expertise in digital communication. We often bundle our forces to develop digital innovations that aren’t just advanced, but also land successfully in your market or organization.

Our sister company is an exclusive VR entertainment venue located in the bustling neighborhood of Strijp-S. Together we make digital innovation tangible and experienceable at their location. We do this with inspiring demos, meetings, workshops and company outings.

Together with progressive training provider B&V Partners in Veiligheid, we have developed BHVR: the VR training for emergency response training. Not just a training course, but also an effective product that we are still developing together and adapting in various markets.

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