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Game-driven solutions to spark your innovation

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At Enversed Studios, we use creativity and technology to help organizations achieve their dreams and ambitions. We’re your partners for advice, design, and production, making trainings more engaging, stories more interesting, and people happier! Ready to get started?

Your innovation journey in 4 steps

We don’t see innovation as the end goal but as a journey toward a better and more enjoyable future. And within that journey, we’ve defined four steps in which we can support you.

Where do you stand?

Why collaborate with Enversed Studios?

We’re not just passionate application creators – we’re the dedicated partners who’ll be there with you every step of the way, from the initial idea to the final product.

Innovation with purpose

We ensure your goals are clear and never lose sight of them. This way, we guarantee targeted applications that truly make a difference.

User-centric technology

The user always comes first for us. We ensure a smooth and pleasant user experience in all our applications.

Proven techniques

With our own development toolkit and tested standards, we can create custom applications more quickly without sacrificing quality.

Our services


We explore the best opportunities for your organization and are there to support you before, during, and after the project.


We test, validate, and refine your ideas to create a seamless business case together.


We build your applications with passion and care, ensuring they align perfectly with your goals, users, and organization.


4500 employees to train fire scenarios in familiar, virtual hospital environments.

BHVR expands for Amphia hospitals!

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Check out our latest work.

Wittenstein – VR Time Machine Simulator

Alimak – 360° Product visualization

GoMeet overview of the expo hall at the digital campus

GoMeet: digital campus

Midpoint Brabant – Truck Inspection Training

Midpoint Brabant – VR Training Specialized Vehicles

BHVR – VR scenario training

Plagron – Event game

Factory of the Future – Transformation game

Ontrafel Franeker – Web game

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About us

Enversed Studios is a game-changer for organizations, because we make advanced technology accessible for everyday use. For instance, virtual reality or artificial intelligence no longer need to remain outside your comfort zone. We turn them into applications that are easy to use, goal-oriented, and enjoyable.

Get to know us more

Who we work with

We’ve had some remarkable collaborations so far. And we’re proud to have helped our clients innovate in a variety of sectors. Health & safety, logistics, entertainment and education to name a few.

How can we help?

Innovation is not just a project, it’s a process. And we’d like to be there, at your side. From start to finish, or to give you a hand where you really need it.