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Attractions & experiences

Enrich your physical location with games & entertainment.

Discover how!
Attractions & experiences blend hospitality, leisure, and gaming for various entertainment purposes.

Stand out and draw people to your location.

Enrich a location or complement existing experiences.

Make themes accessible and experiential.

What can you use it for?

Attractions and experiences are not just for sheer entertainment; they can attract people and immerse them in your stories or themes.

A Cinematic Experience

With a VR cinematic, you narrate your story in a memorable way.

Where traditional presentations may fall short in conveying a story or product, a VR cinematic offers an exclusive experience that places users right in the middle of your narrative. Since it’s virtual, you can showcase any location and time period you can imagine – even fictional scenarios.

With our VR Time Machine, Timecenter Wittenstein takes its visitors flying through 18th-century inventions.

Making themes experiential and memorable

With an interactive exhibition, you bring your themes to life in a walk-through experience.

By offering game experiences at your location, visitors can actively participate, learn, and discover in an immersive way. This ensures that your stories and concepts are not just seen but truly experienced. This approach makes every visit a personal and unforgettable experience.

The PROTO Invention Factory allows visitors to experiment with VR simulators in a vibrant steampunk world.

Entertaining and enthusing visitors

With location-based entertainment (LBE), you offer a unique blend of leisure and gaming.

Games enable you to create a powerful entertainment formula at your location. Compared to classic outings like go-karting, laser tag, or bowling, games can make any conceivable activity and environment experiential. From shooting zombies together in VR to solving murders by interrogating AI characters.

For Red Bull, we created a customized version of our VR paraglide simulator, allowing X-Alps fans to race through the air.

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Discover various entertainment projects we’ve developed for clients, partners, and for our own VR entertainment center.


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