VR Paragliding

We all love the experience of flying! At least, most of us do. Our VR paragliding simulator is a great mix of excitement and relaxation. It’s completely developed to serve as a turn key product. That’s what makes it a perfect asset for entertainment venues such as VR arcades, Escape Rooms or Amusement Parks.

“Intuitive controls, real life scenery and simulated physics all add up to a hyperrealistic experience.”

Our challenge

It was up to us to translate an adventurous sport, such as paragliding, into a VR simulator while keeping it interesting for all audiences. We wanted to combine exciting features with a sense of accessibility that comes with a simulator.

Our solution

Enversed Studios developed a physical simulator that is designed to be as intuitive and simple as possible. We’ve created a balanced mix of sensation and relaxation by challenging players to finish several tracks of various difficulty levels.

A foolproof design

Keeping the physical simulator as simple as possible ensures a foolproof design for easy usage and maintenance. Its handling is effortless for both users and VR operators.

Lifelike maneuvers

The simulator’s control system is entirely based on real life paragliding maneuvers. It also uses an integrated tutorial to ensure that every player has sufficient skills to start any course.

Challenging time trials

The VR Paraglide Simulator challenges players to finish track of various difficuly levels. It also supports a freeroam mode for those who take joy in a more comfortable flight.

Entertainment for a wide audience

Its intuitive control system is what makes our VR Paraglide Simulator suited for an extremely wide audience. Inexperienced VR users, for example, have the option to paraglide in a free roam mode while thrillseekers can challenge themselves in completing several tracks within a given timeframe.

Our VR Paragliding Simulator is a perfect asset for every entertainment venue


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