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Game experience

We create unique game experiences for your organization. Attract, connect and influence people in a playful way.

Benefits of game experiences

A game can be a powerful medium to tell a story, educate your users, grow your customer base or develop a sustainable platform to interact with your community. The possibilities are endless.

Wow factor

You can amaze users with a beautiful environment, fun mechanics or an engaging story. A great way to make a lasting impression.


Users can interact with your organization in a unique way. Or with each other. Enabling you to grow a community, cultivate teamwork or connect with your audience.


Your game can be completely customized to fit your brand, goals and themes. The possibilities are endless.

What are the possibilities?

There’s a million ways to create a game. With or without VR. For smartphones, PC or even as a classic boardgame. Whether you want to connect people to your brand, to improve the performance of your employees, or just want people to enjoy your game.

Content marketing & branding

Want to spruce up your marketing with unique, interactive content?

Games can be a fun, interactive way to increase brand awareness or boost engagement. Let users familiarize themselves with your ideals, products or business model. Or have them participate in a contest. One thing’s for sure: they’ll definitely remember your name after playing.

Web game

Sharable interactive games to complement your marketing campaigns with.

Party game

Pop-up party games can help you draw in crowds at promotions or events.

Business gamification

Want to level-up your business processes?

Gamification can work wonders for employee performance and satisfaction. It can be a playful way to improve workplace efficiency or to implement change in the organization. Alternatively, you can use games as an insightful tool to explore complicated decision-making processes and aid with strategic planning.

Web game

Accessible games to enrich your learning programs with, or to create support and understanding.

VR simulator

An immersive way to train employees with specialized work vehicles or machines.

Location based entertainment

Want to build or expand an exciting entertainment venue?

Virtual reality offers a fantastic experience to a broad audience. Players don’t need be experienced gamers to enjoy it – VR games can be a fun day out for all ages, whether its with family, friends or colleagues. Our partnership with a VR entertainment venue taught us to make designs that are truly accessible.

VR simulator

An immersive gaming experience that combines the virtual world with tactile feedback.

Party games

Bite-sized games that add excitement to gatherings with friends, family or colleagues.

How can we help?

Innovation is not just a project, it’s a process. And we’d like to be there, at your side. From start to finish, or to give you a hand when you really need it. To give advice, or help you strategize. To develop and realize your vision. And to maintain and update your digital solution.