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2D animation

A flexible storytelling tool to highlight themes or explain complex information, online or as signage on a physical location.

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Use cases

I have complex information that I need to present in a clear and accessible way.

Animations can help you simplify complex material and make large amounts of information more accessible and easy to understand.

I want to teach people something in an intuitive and easy-to-follow format.

2D animations are useful tools for training, education, or awareness campaigns, and make complex concepts easy to grasp.

I want to highlight an exciting part of my organization without much hassle.

A 2D animation is easy to share and lets you showcase behind-the-scenes processes or product features in a dynamic and engaging way.

I have an important message to tell, and want to impact a large audience.

An animated promotional video can be great way to catch audiences’ attention and let them experience your story in a stylized way.

An example
we’re proud of

We collaborated with Glance & Vision to create a unique information installation for the Dutch Design Foundation: the Embassy of Mobility Cube. This cube combines signage, construction and digital display to create an eye-catching presentation tool. Its large, yet open design invites people to walk over and check it out. Our animations visualize how cars changed our infrastructure and our lives, while also showcasing exciting new smart mobility concepts. They are visible from all sides, so groups of people can take a glance without blocking each others vision.


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This project was nominated for the Sign+ Awards in 2022, and praised by the jury for its functional yet appealing design.

Possible applications

Promotional videos

Publish animations directly on your website, social media, or online platform. A great way to enrich your branding, complement your marketing campaigns, or even highlight themes internally within your organization.


Explanation animations (explanimations for short) are a very effective way to simplify complex information. They use many of the same principles as infographics: combining numbers, text and designs to make information easy to understand and snackable.

Digital signage

Display your animations at your physical locations, to tell a story, share messages, or convey information in a way that’s easy to understand. You can use them for narrowcasting on TV screens, or as embedded parts of information booths or interactive installations.

How do 2D animations work?

2D animations are created entirely digitally and can be exported in several video formats. This allows for very flexible usage. You could embed them in your existing platforms or websites, use them to enrich presentations, share them via your social media, or even play a looped version on screens or signage.



Tell your story in a fun and unique way

or make complex information easy to understand.

Add a human touch to your content

with hand-drawn or custom-designed character animations.

Embed, share, and display your animations

via various different platforms and media.

Repurpose the design style and 2D components

for future animations or as images.

Save time and costs on live-action shoots

by using 2D animations to visualize scenarios or processes instead.

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