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360° tour

An online tour in 360 degrees that displays your business or location, and lets users interact with audiovisual content of your choice.

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Why create a 360° tour?

As company introduction

‘I want to give users a tour of my location remotely.’

There’s no better way to introduce your company than showing someone around and telling your story. With a 360° tour, you can offer that same experience to anyone, anywhere, for an accessible and engaging first moment of contact.

As online onboarding

‘I want to give (potential) new employees a tour of my location remotely.’

Give new employees a chance to explore their work environment and prepare for their first day. Online practice assignments can help alleviate fears and ensure a higher productivity from the moment new employees get started.

As online campaign

‘I want to show my business processes without having to disrupt daily operations.’

Complement your online campaign with an interactive 360° environment, filled with curated content. Your audience can freely explore stories or information in an interactive way, which is a great way to make a lasting impression. And you don’t need to worry about risks, disruptions or safety requirements.

What are the benefits of a 360° tour?

Offer an engaging tour to anyone across the globe.

A virtual tour offers users the freedom to explore and discover a company or location using interactive and embedded audiovisual content. It is designed to be used from home or even on the go.

Give valuable information in an intuitive way.

With interactive elements and clickable hotspots, users decide for themselves when they want to delve into something or when they prefer to continue on with the tour. This way you can share valuable information without it having to disrupt the flow of the tour.

Repurpose the content for recruitment or promotion.

Quite a lot of textual and audiovisual material is produced for a 360° tour. These texts, videos, images and even full 360° environments can also be reused for other purposes, such as recruitment or promotion.

Avoid disruption and downtime.

With physical tours you sometimes have to temporarily pause parts of your business or ask colleagues for support. Because the 360° tour is completely digital, you do not have to disturb any facilities or staff.

Become less dependent on availability of others.

For physical tours you depend on professional tour guides or accompanying staff. And they’re not always available. But with a 360° tour you can tell the same story interactively, while it’s available 24/7 without having to schedule anyone.

An example we’re proud of

Chemelot traditionally organized a yearly tour around their business campus for the ‘Weekend of Science’, but due to COVID restrictions at the time they needed a responsible remote alternative. With our 360° tour, users could explore around Chemelot’s campus in their own web browsers, choosing from three routes on an interactive map of the campus. These routes didn’t just go past the various businesses, but also went inside for a behind-the-scenes look at various interesting business processes. With interactive hotspots, users could learn more with informative texts, videos, and even a hidden treasure hunt for those who like a challenge.

A fun, accessible substitute for real-life tours on Chemelot’s industrial park and campus.

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