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With a hackathon we explore how your game, training or experience would work in practice. The result is a simplified version of your application, which you can use to test, gather insights and create support.

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As 'proof of concept'

‘I want to create a quick prototype of my application to see how it would work.’

An interactive prototype shows the core functionalities and provides insight into the feasibility of your idea. You, our team, and your end users can personally experience the concept. This enables you to discover any bottlenecks and optimizations before developing the application further.

As boost for support

‘I want to gain support from within my organization or from stakeholders.

With simplified prototypes of your application, you give everyone in your organization a chance to experience and assess the prototype. This is how you create support and involvement among colleagues. And that leads to smooth integration when you want to roll out the application on a larger scale.

Are you thinking, “I’m already further along in the innovation process”?

No problem!

Perhaps our hackathons aren’t the right choice for you. But we’re sure we can help you in other ways and would love the discuss the possibilities. So feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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Bring your ideas to life

A tangible preview of your application

What will you gain?

  • A simplified prototype of your application
  • Insight into potential and user experience
  • A solid foundation for further development

Fun & experience


Inspiration & creativity


Applicability & validation


What will you do?

The hackathon is a unique service where we build a tangible prototype of your game, training or experience. It brings your ideas to life and gives users a taste of what’s possible. Our experienced team works closely with you to convert your concept into a playable application.

We start with a brainstorming session to understand your goals and vision. Our developers and artists then create a prototype with the right atmosphere, game mechanics and visual elements. After evaluation and feedback, you get a concrete picture of the potential and user experience of your application. The hackathon offers a practical and creative method to explore your ideas, so that you have a solid basis for further development and production.

Let’s get started!

We’d love to hear your ideas.