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Party game

Party games (or minigames) allow players to have a great time by focusing on challenges that enhance social interaction. Ideal for casual target groups.

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Use cases

I’m looking for games to add to my entertainment venue.

Party games work really well as location based entertainment, as a standalone bundle of smaller games, or to complement your current experiences.

I want my employees to have a fun teambuilding or break activity.

Party games are quick to play and accessible to anyone, even without gaming experience. This makes it a great way to spend time with colleagues.

I want to draw in crowds to my brand at promotions or events.

Branded games can help you stand out and give your customers a memorable experience at promotional events.

I’d like an accessible way for my audience to learn about something.

Party games can make learning more engaging, offering a fun and effective way to teach new skills or concepts to employees or customers.

An example
we’re proud of

We’ve created various exclusive VR party games for our sibling company Enversed Entertainment, from the competitive archery competition in Target Rivals, to the fast co-op cooking game Pressure Cooker. These unique games are only available at Enversed Entertainment’s venue, providing guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. Our games are bundled with great VR games from other developers too, creating a customizable and diverse assortment of games.


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This mix of VR party games lets visitors experience the versatility of VR in a fun and accessible way.

Possible applications

Single-player games

A single-player game allows for a personal and emotional experience. Because there’s no other players to distract you from the game and its message, the player can focus entirely on the experience itself.

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games are a great way to liven up a party, outing, corporate event, or team-building exercise. These games let players compete or work together to face exciting challenges in a virtual world.

Asymmetrical games

Asymmetrical games let players have different roles and goals, which allows for gameplay that’s a bit more ‘out-of-the-box’. For example, you could even let a spectating crowd influence the gameplay.

How does a party game work?

As a flexible medium, there’s many ways in which a party game could work. A VR party game offers the greatest immersion at the cost of larger space requirements. Alternatively, you can make your party game function on PCs, with or without gamepad controllers, or even mobile devices for greater accessibility.



Keep your audience entertained

so they’re more likely to stay longer.

Let visitors interact with your brand

in a fun and memorable way.

Distinguish yourself from the competition,

and attract more customers.

Give employees or customers a fun and interactive team-building activity

which can improve morale and teamwork.

Collect valuable data about your audience while they play,

allowing you to improve your customer experience.

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