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Team training

A collaborative learning experience that lets you assess a team’s performance, improve teamwork, and foster professional growth.

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Use cases

I am looking for a team building tool that also serves a practical purpose

A team training is an ideal way to combine business with fun. It turns practical or mundane exercises into engaging, collaborative experiences.

I want my people to experience how they can rely on each other

A change of setting can give coworkers a new perspective and help them discover each other’s strengths.

I want my team to tackle complex scenarios without real-world constraints.

Virtual training allows users to experience challenging situations without disrupting daily operations or incurring high costs.

I want to be able to throw my teams in at the deep end

Role-playing lets you immerse teams in any scenario and environment you choose, and allows you to assess their team dynamics and response.

An example
we’re proud of

BHVR Amphia lets teams of hospital employees train fire and evacuation protocols together in virtual re-creation of the hospital wards. The familiar environment boosts engagement of participants, without disrupting the hospital’s daily routines. Moreover, VR enables Amphia to train scenarios that would be difficult to re-enact with traditional methods. This provides a level of preparedness that simply wasn’t possible before.


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“One of the biggest advantages of the VR training: it gives people the opportunity to practice in their own workplace.”

Possible applications

Team building

Offer a fresh and engaging way for coworkers to get to know each other. With interactive scenarios and collaborative activities, team members can bond and form stronger working relationships. This leads to increased teamwork and improved communication skills.


Provide a comprehensive and objective review of your team’s performance. The virtual scenarios give you a true reflection of how your team operates. The results can be used to identify areas of improvement and develop a plan for growth and productivity

Peer-to-peer reviews

Allow team members to evaluate each other objectively, based on their specific roles. This helps to eliminate personal biases and provides a fair and accurate assessment of each team member’s performance. The results can be used to address any areas of improvement.

How does a virtual team training work?

Going through a scenario together offers a perfect starting point for discussing results and adjusting behavior accordingly. These types of trainings work well in VR, because users behave naturally and are emotionally involved in the virtual scenario.



Experience dangerous scenarios

without putting your people at risk.

See your team's natural behavior

in a familiar virtual environment.

Evaluate your team's performance

and individual roles in real-time.

Reduce material and location expenses

because everything is virtual.

Get faster training results

and minimize downtime for your employees.

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