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An interactive 360 environment that lets employees familiarize themselves with their work environment and responsibilities at their own pace.

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Why create digital onboarding?

As online intake

“I want to have a comprehensive picture of candidates before they start.”

With virtual scenarios you get an accurate picture of how potential new employees would function. This makes it easier to assess whether they are suitable for the position. Moreover, it is an ideal way to test international candidates, because it is completely online.

As online onboarding

‘I want to start training new employees before they’ve even started.’

Give new employees a chance to explore their work environment and prepare for their first day. Online practice assignments can help alleviate fears and ensure a higher productivity from the moment new employees get started.

As recruitment or promotional tool

‘I want to give (potential) new employees a tour of our facilities, without disrupting the work of others.’

Interactive simulations offer the opportunity to show your building, colleagues and employer brand in an innovative, interactive and fun way. This way you give (potential) new employees a look behind the scenes without compromising the work of others.

What are the benefits of digital onboarding?

Speed up the preparation of new employees.

Digital onboarding enables new employees to prepare for their new position independently. They can do this by reading informative articles and FAQs, watching tutorial videos or performing practice assignments.

Boost engagement.

By leveraging interactive elements or even game principles, you can make onboarding more fun and interesting for new employees. This way you not only leave a good impression, but you also ensure that new employees remain focused through the onboarding process.

Give valuable feedback and tips automatically.

As new hires explore and practice digitally, they automatically get helpful feedback and tips. This helps them prepare for the first day at work and can also remove fears or ambiguities.

Become less dependent on instructors.

In the digital onboarding environment, new employees can independently explore all the necessary information, knowledge and exercises. As a result, you are less dependent on the availability and capacity of instructors, coaches or mentors.

Reduce the disruption of your workforce and facilities.

Digital onboarding allows new employees to explore their workplace from a web browser or device of their choosing. Because it’s all digital, you don’t have to interrupt the rest of your workforce and activiteit, saving you valuable time and resources.

An example we’re proud of

We’ve helped FLONC to create Beroepsoriëntatie 360: a tool for vocational orientation that benefits both educational institutions and businesses. The tool offers 360º interactive tours to introduce pupils, students and job seekers to various professions in an accessible way. It helps schools by letting students discover talents and interests, and matching those to suitable vocations. This way, the tool helps them make substantiated decisions for their future education. Meanwhile, it increases online visibility for businesses among job seekers, which potentially leads to recruiting new employees. A win-win for all parties involved.

Our 360º interactive tours make companies visible to potential future employees, in an intuitive and interactive way.

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