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The Dutch Design Week (DDW) of 2023 was once again a spectacular event for design enthusiasts and innovators. During DDW, we proudly presented our GameChangers Expo, allowing visitors to experience the positive impact and versatile applications of game technology by playing fun and educational demos.

AI Murder Mystery: Play, Question, Discover

One of the highlights was our AI Murder Mystery game, developed in collaboration with SkillFull. Visitors stepped into the shoes of a detective and interrogated lifelike digital suspects. Each play session was unique, and the enthusiasm was palpable! Game technology not only brought this thrilling murder case to life but also showcased the possibilities of Conversational AI: dynamic stories and natural conversations with digital characters.

Talent Development in Virtual Reality

In collaboration with TMA, we presented a special workshop game: the Talent Games. This asymmetrical game promotes collaboration between players with and without VR glasses. The idea is to assign the right roles using TMA profiles, promoting teamwork and demonstrating the practical value of talent analyses.

Picture: Trying out the Talent Games in VR.

"The GameChangers Expo is a glimpse into the future of game technology. It's not just about entertainment; it's about how technology can redefine our way of learning, working, and communicating."

VR Stress Analysis with CleverPoint Neuro

CleverPoint Neuro presented their revolutionary VR stress analysis at the expo. Met deze innovatieve VR-hardware en -software kun je de impact van VR meten en analyseren op basis van biofeedback. Een veelbelovende ontwikkeling met toepassingen in diverse sectoren, zoals gezondheidszorg, onderwijs, defensie, HR en coaching.

Catching Digital Mice

With the Tilt Five mixed reality system, we introduced a new dimension to classic board games. Players could lure mice with cheese cubes using MR glasses. The one with the most mice wins! A fun, interactive experience that further refined our vision for digital board games.

We don’t see emerging technologies like VR and MR as a replacement for social experiences, but rather as tools to enhance social interaction.

Picture: Playing board games in Mixed Reality.

Discover and join

The GameChangers Expo during DDW was more than an exhibition; it was an invitation to explore the possibilities of game technology. Whether you’re interested in entertainment, training, health, or other business applications, game technology opens the door to a new world of possibilities.

If you want to see game technology in action too, we gladly invite you to contact us for a personal demo or introduction!