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360° video

A powerful storytelling tool that uses 360° animation or filmed footage to move users to a location, scenario or story of your choice.

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Why create a 360° video?

As exclusive VR experience

‘Ik streef ernaar om de ervaring van mijn publiek extra memorabel te maken.’

VR puts users at the center of your story. They almost literally experience it through someone else’s eyes, which makes for an impressive perspective. And because they can look around freely, it feels less like they’re watching a video and more like they’re playing an active role in your story. This way you your message will have a greater and more emotional impact.

As promotional video

‘I have an important message to tell, and want to impact a large audience.’

360° videos are excellent tools to strengthen your brand, supplement campaigns or highlight themes to internal or external target groups. Not only is this form of video easily shareable via social media, websites or online platforms, the 360-degree perspective also makes it a unique and memorable experience.

As VR attraction

‘I want to offer a unique but accessible entertainment experience in my venue.’

Combine the best of both worlds and enrich physical museum exhibits, attractions or rides with VR. With virtual environments and characters you can move your audience to any location. In this way, visitors can walk, drive or ‘fly’ through any conceivable scenario or environment.

What are the benefits of a 360° video?

Let users experience your story as if they were really there.

With the 360° perspective, you literally put users in the middle of your story. This way they can look around freely and fully immerse themselves in the experience. With this unique perspective you can surprise users with a truly memorable experience.

Show any location or scenario you can imagine.

With 360° videos you can show various scenarios and environments. We can record them in the real world with a 360° camera or animate them completely virtually. Choose the latter? Then your video can even take place in the past, the future or a completely fictional scenario.

Offer your audience an interactive experience, with or without VR.

360° videos can be experienced in two ways: as an accessible video that can be shared anywhere online, or with virtual reality as an extra immersive experience. Choose the option you prefer, or offer both options and let users choose for themselves.

Complement and expand upon your brand, formula or organization.

A 360° video is incredibly flexible, both in terms of use and the look & feel. You can use it to complement your brand experience or expand upon a museum experience in a way that’s tailored to your organization, target audience and goals.

Repurpose virtual environment and 3D-assets.

The 3D assets and virtual environments we create can be reused for future projects. Now that’s sustainable! And do you already have 3D models available in advance? Then they can help us speed up the production process.

Examples we’re proud of

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