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360° video

A powerful storytelling tool that uses 360° animation or filmed footage to move users to a location, scenario or story of your choice.

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Use cases

I have an important message to tell, and want to impact a large audience.

A 360° video – especially in VR – lets your audience experience a story through someone else’s eyes, for a more personal and impactful perspective.

I want to show my audience a location or scenario that is hard to display in the real world.

With virtual environments and characters, your 360° experience can take place anywhere you want. Even in the past, the future, or a fictional location.

I want to highlight an exciting part of my organization without much hassle.

With a 360° animation, your stories no longer have to be told with a physical visit, so you don’t have to worry about downtime or safety restrictions.

I strive to make my visitors’ experience more impactful or memorable.

The 360° perspective plays into users’ emotions by putting them right in the middle of the story, so it feels like they’re really there.

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Possible applications

VR experiences

Give users a truly immersive experience with virtual reality. With the ability to look around and interact with the virtual environment directly, it feels less like they’re watching a video and more like they’re playing a role in your story.

Online videos

Publish 360° videos directly on your website, social media, or online platform. A great way to enrich your branding, complement your marketing campaigns, or even highlight themes internally within your organization.

VR attractions

Combine the best of both worlds and complement physical museum exhibits, attractions or rides with virtual reality. This way, you can let visitors walk, ride, or ‘fly’ through any scenario or environment imaginable.

How does a 360° video work?

360° videos are flexible in both production and usage. They can be recorded in the real world using a 360° camera, or animated virtually – from scratch or by using pre-existing 3D models. Whether they’re animated or filmed, 360° videos can be experienced in one of two ways: in VR for a truly immersive experience or as a more accessible video format for easy embedding and sharing. You can choose whatever option you prefer, or offer both to let your audiences make that choice themselves.



Let users experience your story

as if they were really there, offering truly engaging storytelling.

Show any location or scenario

you can imagine, without real-world limitations.

Offer your 360° video as an exclusive VR experience

as an accessible online video, or both.

Complement and expand

upon your brand or museum experience.

Repurpose virtual environments

and models in future projects, or reuse recorded footage in other videos.

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