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Inspection training

A valuable preventive measure that teaches users to recognize and eliminate potential hazards in their workplace, empowering you to create a safer work environment.

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Use cases

I aim to empower my colleagues to act independently in dangerous situations

With proper instructions and practice, your employees can learn to be more self-reliant in hazardous situations.

I want prevention and safety to be supported more widely within my organization

In virtual scenarios, employees experience the results of dangerous behavior firsthand, letting you emphasize the need for preventive measures.

I want my team to learn about the consequences of an unsafe workplace

Simulations can go wrong without risking injury or extra costs, making it a perfect tool to see the results of dangerous behavior up close.

I strive to enhance my colleagues’ ability to communicate about unsafe work behavior

An inspection training can be a great icebreaker for colleagues to start a conversation about topics can be difficult or awkward to bring up.

An example
we’re proud of

The truck inspection training we made with Midpoint Brabant gives truck drivers an intuitive and engaging way to learn the proper preparation of their vehicle and cargo. After a thorough inspection in VR, they’re confronted with any mistakes they may have made, and their potentially hazardous consequences. These results can be directly discussed with an instructor afterwards. That way, even mistakes are turned into valuable learning experiences.


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Together with Midpoint Brabant we strive to make the logistics sector smarter, safer and more fun.

Possible applications

Periodic reviews

Ensure a safe and well-maintained work environment by periodically screening your teams’ performance, and their knowledge of safety guidelines. You can use the yearly results, for example, to review whether there’s any need for extra instructions or practice.

Assessment tools

Provide a comprehensive and objective review of your employees’ performance. The virtual scenarios give you a true reflection of how they operate. The results can be used to identify areas of improvement and develop a plan for growth and productivity.

Site access tools

Test users for their knowledge of safety protocols or technical requirements. A virtual training can be an efficient tool to gauge the compatibility of potential new employees or partners, giving you the extra certainty you need before granting someone access to your facility.

How does a virtual inspection training work?

Virtual inspection trainings are flexible tools that can be used both in-house or at a training facility, where your instructor can discuss the training results with candidates and directly follow up. For trainings like these, virtual reality (VR) truly makes a difference. It lets users inspect their work environment exactly like they would in real life, making it a familiar and engaging learning experience.



Point out dangerous behavior

or risky situations that are easily overlooked

Increase awareness

among employees by asking for substantiated answers.

Get faster training results

and minimize downtime for your employees.

Train in-house, at a larger training facility,

or even remotely with a tailored hardware setup.

Reduce material and location expenses,

because everything is virtual.

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