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Inspection training

A valuable preventive measure that teaches users to recognize and eliminate potential hazards in their workplace, empowering you to create a safer work environment.

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Why create an inspection training?

As periodic review

‘I aim to empower my colleagues to act independently in dangerous situations’

Ensure a safe and well-maintained work environment by periodically screening your teams’ performance, and their knowledge of safety guidelines. You can use the yearly results, for example, to review whether there’s any need for extra instructions or practice.

As assessment tool

‘I want to objectively assess employee performance.’

Virtual scenarios provide a comprehensive and objective view of your how employees work. You enable users to show what they can do, in a working environment that feels familiar to them. The results can be used to to identify areas of improvement and create a professional growth plan.

As site-access tool

‘I want to test people’s knowledge of safety protocols and technical requirements.’

A virtual training is an efficient way to test whether new employees and partners are aware of your latest safety protocols. This way you can grant access to your business premises or facilities with extra certainty.

What are the benefits of an inspection training?

Point out dangerous behavior or risky situations.

With a VR training you can address risks that can sometimes be too easily overlooked. It lets participants perform routine tasks or full inspections, and alerts them when something goes wrong. Moreover, it lets them experience the consequences of their actions without risk.

Get better training results and a higher engagement.

Virtual reality is an ideal medium for practical training. With VR, users are completely immersed in their virtual environment, allowing them to show natural behavior and to be more engaged in the lesson material.

Increase awareness and bewustzijn en self-sustainability among employees.

VR helps employees learn to recognize unsafe situations, but also let’s them try and solve these situations alone in a responsible manner. Because they practice in virtual simulations, you don’t have to worry about risks or failure costs.

Train in-house, at a training facility, or even remotely

With tailor-made hardware equipment, you decide how and where you want to train. Choose a method that suits your organization, or let us advise you on the best match for your purposes.

Reduce training expenses and reduce your ecological footprint.

A VR training eliminates the need to reserve specific work facilities or use physical materials. That helps you cut down on expenses and downtime, and it’s also good for the environment. Especially for trainings where exhaustible materials would normally be used, such as fire extinguishers.

An example we’re proud of

The truck inspection training we made with Midpoint Brabant gives truck drivers an intuitive and engaging way to learn the proper preparation of their vehicle and cargo. After a thorough inspection in VR, they’re confronted with any mistakes they may have made, and their potentially hazardous consequences. These results can be directly discussed with an instructor afterwards. That way, even mistakes are turned into valuable learning experiences.

Together with Midpoint Brabant we strive to make the logistics sector smarter, safer and more fun.

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