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Web game

An accessible game that can be played right in people’s web browsers, and provides a fun way to learn about a theme or company of your choice.

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Why create a web game?

As branded game

‘I want to present my brand in a creative and engaging way.’

Complement your marketing campaigns with an interactive experience. A game isn’t just fun, but also allows your target audience to directly interact with your story. The resulting emotional involvement turns this marketing tool into a truly memorable experience.

As educational course

‘I want to teach my audience something in an entertaining way.’

Upgrade your course curriculum or e-learning platform with interactive learning, blended learning and gamification. Powerful tools that make your lesson material more inspiring and more enjoyable. This increased engagement leads to better learning results for your students.

As paid web experience

‘I want to give my audience an experience they’ll remember.’

Expand upon a real-life experience by adding a digital element. An extension to your physical entertainment or edutainment formula helps you prolong your customers’ experience, thus providing them with more value for their purchase.

What are the benefits of a web game?

Improve the retention of new knowledge and information.

A web game gives players a fun way to learn or discover. The playful and interactive method ensures a higher engagement, so that the new information is more memorable. An ideal way to draw attention to important subjects or changes for your organization.

Complement and expand upon your brand, formula or organization.

A web game is incredibly flexible, both in terms of use and the look & feel. You can use it to complement your brand experience or expand upon your edutainment formula, in a way that’s tailored to your organization, target audience and goals.

Get to know your target audience better.

Web games aren’t just a fun way to get to know your organization, it also works the other way around. By observing how your target audience plays the game, you can learn a lot about them.

Gather contact information.

A practical advantage of web games is that you can ask users to sign up before they can play. Since there’s something fun waiting for them, they’ll have more incentive to leave their details. A good way to facilitate follow-up contact.

Turn it into a sustainable digital platform.

Web games can be flexibly implemented in an existing web environment or as a kick-off for a new digital platform. Moreover, you can always expand and update the game in the future, or reuse parts of it for other media.

An example we’re proud of

Ontrafel Franeker (or: “Unravel Franeker”) is a web-based game that teaches children about the history of Franeker, a Frisian town with a lively history. Players help a real historical inventor, Eise Eisinga, to complete the world’s first planetarium. And if they manage to finish the game in time, they’re rewarded with free tickets to visit the actual Eise Eisinga Planetarium, as well as the local Museum Martena. A fun learning experience for children, and a nice addition to the museums’ marketing efforts.

The web escape game enthuses children and peaks their curiosity, so they’ll visit the museums afterwards.

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