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At Enversed Studios, we not only love games, but we also believe that game technology is a game-changer for businesses aiming to grow and excel. But why do we see games as the way to propel organizations forward?

5 Valuable Ingredients of Game Technology

What makes games so interesting? Some players enjoy immersive stories, while others dive into challenging puzzles and virtual battles. But regardless of personal preference, games all share something in common. These core features distinguish games from other media and form the foundation of our methodology to elevate businesses to new heights.

"Thanks to the unique features of games, our game applications bring real benefits to both users and providers."

1) Games are Interactive

The most essential feature of games is their interactivity. By giving players control over their role in the story, they can influence the scenario itself. This active participation enhances immersion and attention—a crucial aspect not only for games but also for training, where the rule is: more attention leads to better learning outcomes.

Picture: Job presenting an interactive VR training during Dutch Design Week!

2) Games encourage Progress

The familiar concept of ‘leveling up’ is one way games demonstrate progress. This involves gaining experience to reach a higher level. Games help achieve this level in three ways:

  • Reward: Achieving milestones often yields extra skills or rewards, motivating players to advance. This principle is also commonly used in gamification projects within organizations.
  • Challenge: Increasing difficulty motivates players to improve as they progress through the game.
  • Feedback: Games provide intuitive feedback based on players’ actual behavior. This is valuable for recognizable and personalized feedback in training situations.

3) Games foster Insight

Through puzzles, challenges, and questions, games force players to think, making them an ideal tool for enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategy. Games allow players to experiment and explore safely, resulting in insight without risks.

A prime example is Factory of the Future. In this management game, players make strategic decisions to lead a manufacturing company to Industry 4.0, prompting them to reflect on strategic choices in their own organization.

Picture: Concept image of a dashboard in Factory of the Future

4) Games are Immersive

Game engines like Unreal Engine not only enable us to create fun games but also to simulate realistic scenarios. Experiencing situations in an immersive way can yield significant benefits. For example, extinguishing a fire in a virtual office can prepare you for emergencies much better than a traditional emergency response training ever could.

This level of realism and immersion can also be used to share stories, themes, or knowledge in a memorable way, such as in an interactive marketing campaign or as part of an exhibition. Greater empathy creates a personal and sometimes emotional experience that lingers longer.

Picture: Flying through history with a VR time machine

5) Games are Customizable

We tailor various aspects of our game applications to the needs of our clients and partners, whether it’s characters, environments, or objectives. Remember that aforementioned emergency response training? Well, we’ve developed a version that takes place in a virtual reconstruction of a hospital wing at Amphia.

And, not to forget, the difficulty level of a game can also be flexible. This way, they can be adapted to users with diverse experience levels, ranging from beginners to experts.

Tip of the Iceberg

The mentioned principles form the core of game technology and apply to many games. But there’s more! Consider multiplayer functionalities that can add an entirely new dimension to a game application, emphasizing collaboration and social interaction. This is just the tip of the iceberg; game technology is full of fun and useful possibilities.

Want to learn more about how game technology can level up your business? 😉 Contact us for a personal demonstration and discover the possibilities!