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Alpheios has always been, and still is, one of the leading specialists in the field of cleaning procedures. In order to support their in-house training centers, Enversed Studios was asked to develop a VR Training Application in which trainees are able to improve their cleanroom cleaning techniques.

“By using visual indicators, you’re able to review the surface you just cleaned. It’s a great way to reflect on your workflow.”

Our challenge

Our goal was to develop an integrated Virtual Reality training application. One that enables new workers to become familiar with cleanroom cleaning patterns. Alpheios uses this training to connect their employees to a virtual learning environment.

Our solution

Enversed Studios has created a VR training environment in which cleaners are actually able to see the results of their own workflow in a clear and visual way. We’ve also incorporated physical cleaning tools to establish an intuitive control system for all employees.

Physical tools

Employees are able to perform cleaning procedures by using exactly the same tools as they are used to. This does not only increase the level of realism, but also makes the training course a lot easier to follow for supervisors.

Ease of use

As we believe our VR training applications should not require any VR experience, trainees can restart their training session, change visualisation modes or active help indicators without the use of any buttons.

Heat map display

Feedback is an essential aspect in every training. That’s why our VR application is capable of translating cleaning performances into heat maps. This makes it a very efficient tool for supervisors to evaluate cleaning procedures.

Real-time feedback and analytics

Real-world cleanroom environments offer no indications whether surfaces are actually clean or not. In our Virtual Reality training application, these differences are highlighted and can be used to provide feedback during the training course.

"Incorporating the actual cleaning tools makes VR training intuitive for employees."

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