Oostkamer II VR Visualization.

Ruimte voor Ruimte develops real estate projects in the rural areas of the Brabant region. Since many potential buyers find it rather difficult to choose a residential lot, we have designed and developed a VR Visualization tool that portrays the full potential of one of their residential areas: Oostkamer II.

“Virtual Reality Visualizations become a personal tool for potential home owners to make considered choices.”

Our challenge

Creating a virtual sales tool for residentials areas proved to be quite a challenge since there weren’t any houses to visualize. That’s why our team had to start with the designs of many different model homes: all created within the framework of the zoning plan.

Our solution

We’ve created a simulation that enables potential home owners to explore an entire neighbourhood in Virtual Reality. With that level of freedom, users were able to compare numerous building plots and select their favorite plot for building their future home.

VR optimization

Visualizing a residential area of more than 80 plots can be a challenge, especially on a technical level. Thankfully, our technical artists use innovative game technology to make the VR experience run as smooth as possible.

Teleportation tools

As you might expect, room-scale VR proves to be insufficient in order for users to explore entire residential areas. That’s why all VR participants are equipped with teleportation tools that allow them to cover a lot of ground.

One 3D environment, many uses

Interactive VR setups are difficult to distribute on a larger scale. Based on the same 3D models, we were able to easily recreate the Oostkamer II area into a 360 Tour. This format is accessible through many different platforms and devices, without the need of a VR headset.

Decision making: the intuitive way.

It’s amazing to see how Virtual Reality can change the way we make decisions. Before a home is even built, our virtual representations are able to visualize the environment, sight lines and spatial scale of a residential lot. It allows potential home owners to catch a glimpse of their future residence.

"Next to a real-time VR visualization, we've also created 360 images to share on web and social media."

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