VR Battle.

Large-scale VR multiplayer games are among the most valued and unique experiences Enversed Studios has to offer. Snowdown lets you play with over 16 VR players in a virtual snowball fight. Originally designed for Enversed Entertainment, this battle game was created to unlock the full potential of VR Arcades.

“Snowdown offers game modes for both beginners & experts to maximize its target audience.”

Our challenge

Instead of developing another tactical military shooter, we wanted to create a competitive Virtual Reality experience for a wider audience. That’s why we came up with a virtual snowball fight. It’s a concept that speaks to everyone and is easy to understand.

Our solution

Enversed Studios has managed to shape Snowdown into a large-scale Multiplayer Arena Battle. While it relies on classic shooting mechanics, we were still able to keep it family-friendly due to its iconic theme and setting.

Up to 16 VR players

Snowdown can handle up to 16 players at the same time. It’s the perfect asset for entertainment venues, such as VR Arcades, to accomodate large groups.

A great eyecatcher

To physically challenge players, we chose to build a VR shooter with projectiles that can be dodged. A snowball fight proved to be perfect for this.

Infinite replayability

Along with different game modes, being able to play with over 16 VR players in a virtual snowball fight ensures fun and replayability.

Fun to play, fun to learn.

Snowdown’s level designs are made to provide learning curves on many different degrees. As soon as players are used to the controls and scoring system, they are able to develop themselves on a more tactical level. For example: all arenas are designed to allow for flanking maneuvres.

"To physically challenge players, we chose to build a VR multiplayer shooter with projectiles that can be dodged."

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