Heijmans One
Visualisation Tool.

In collaboration with Moodbuilders architects, Heijmans started the development of the Heijmans One back in 2012. This portable single-person can now be found at many different locations in the Netherlands. Enversed Studios designed and created a visualisation tool to support the marketing and sales team.

“Our VR Visualisations are made to support any marketing or sales department. It’s the perfect conversation starter.”

Our challenge

Heijmans One residences are designed to be extremely versatile. This means that their basic setups can be positioned on a wide variety of terrains. Enversed Studios had to design one neutral environment to serve as a common stage.

Our solution

We’ve designed a visualisation tool that is effective thanks to its simplicity. Our room-scale VR setup lets users walk around and explore their future home. It also comes with an additional teleport module that eases navigation.

Freedom of movement

Our Virtual Reality visualisation supports freedom of movement without the need of a large VR setup. Thanks to our teleportation tool, users can cover a lot of ground without even taking a step.

VR and desktop modes

We have decided to keep our visualisation tool accessible without the need of a VR headset. By adding a desktop mode, Heijmans One can be explored by simply using a regular monitor or TV screen.

Shareable 360 tour

Interactive VR setups are difficult to distribute on a larger scale. Based on the same 3D models, we were able to easily recreate the Heijmans One visualisation into a 360 Tour. This format is accessible through many different platforms and devices that don’t rely on VR headsets.

Creating a sense of presence.

Virtual Reality is unique because of its spatial experience. It is capable to visualise virtual environments as if users are actually there. While using our VR tool, potential home owners are able to connect with their future home on an emotional level.

A real-time VR visualisation tool is not merely an image. It’s a true spatial experience.

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