Pressure Cooker
VR mini-game.

The Enversed Virtual Reality Center is Europe’s largest VR arcade since its opening in 2016. In addition to their successful selection of party games, Enversed Studios has been asked to design and develop a VR mini-game that is completely based on multiplayer cooperation and teambuilding.

“It’s a VR mini-game for entertainment venues: a game that is enjoyable for both player and audience.”

Our challenge

We wanted to design a Virtual Reality experience that would flourish in the ecosystem of a VR arcade. By using the potential of a large playing area, we were able to create an experience that stays exclusive to location based entertainment.

Our solution

Enversed Studios came up with Pressure Cooker: a cooperative time trial in which two players are challenged to work together in a hamburger joint. By placing the correct ingredients on a conveyor belt, players have to serve as many customers as possible.

Fun to watch

VR players are forced to search for ingredients scattered around the kitchen. This makes the game particularly enjoyable to watch for audiences as players are constantly on the move.

Cooperation by force

Each player has access to different ingredients. Cooperation is required since every order requires ingredients from both players.

Made for entertainment venues

Pressure Cooker requires little to no explaination. Next to that, it’s a short and explosive experience that combines wonderfully with other VR party games.

It’s all about communication.

Pressure Cooker places a lot a emphasis on interplayer communication. As a team, players can earn bonus points as long as they keep placing ingredients in a correct succession. In order to gradually increase the difficulty level, the conveyer belt increases its speed continuously.

"A short and explosive experience that combines wonderfully with other VR party games."

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