Invention Factory.

This October, the Noblessner Foundry in Tallinn (Estonia) will start to accommodate the PROTO Invention Factory. It’s a unique VR exhibition that offers the opportunity to expore and test century-old inventions. All of its Virtual Reality experiences are designed and produced by Enversed Studios.

“We believe we’ve made a wonderful mix of gripping 360 cinematics, exciting VR simulators and hilarious multiplayer games.”

Our challenge

Designing a complete range of VR experiences can be challenging. Our main goal was to create a successful and fun experience for a wide audience. This meant we had to find the right balance between game mechanics and general flow of the exhibition.

Our solution

Enversed Studios has developed a complete set of eight Virtual Reality experiences in total. We believe we have created a wonderful mix of gripping 360 cinematics, exciting VR simulators and hilarious multiplayer games.

Engineered to perfection

Most of our experiences are designed to function as VR simulators. By combining exciting game mechanics with dynamic motion systems, we were able to push every VR experience to the next level.

Shared designs

Every VR experience we designed takes place in the same virtual world. By reusing 3D assets in different VR experiences, we were able to optimize and our speed up our design process.


Our VR simulators require little to no explaination. They are timed and designed to be enjoyable for audiences as well: perfect for any VR exhibition!

Merging education and entertainment into one VR exhibition.

For us, this was a great opportunity to apply all of our knowledge in one complete set of VR experiences. The philosophy behind the PROTO Invention Factory mirrors the core-values of Enversed Studios: creating solutions by combining education and entertainment with innovative technologies.

By using motion systems, we were able to push this VR exhibition to the next level


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