Angstfabriek Augmented Reality.

The Angstfabriek (Fear Factory) is a theatrical, interactive pop-up exhibition in which you can dive into a world of fear mongering. All visitors are invited to work undercover in an actual fear factory. Enversed Studios designed and created an Augmented Reality app as part of the complete experience.

“By scanning physical boxes on a conveyor belt, visitors can assemble their own product list in our Augmented Reality app.”

Our challenge

We found it important to keep the right balance while designing our AR content. Since every 3D model needed to display a large amount of information, we had to keep the rest of our designs as simple and abstract as possible.

Our solution

We have created a virtual production line of ‘fear products’. By scanning physical boxes on a conveyor belt, visitors can assemble their own product list. The contents of these lists play an essential role while completing the exhibition.

Object recognition

‘Fear products’ are activated by scanning cardboard boxes . By displaying AR content that mimics the box size and position, it feels like you can actually look inside the box.

Integrated AR mechanics

Our app mixes AR capabilities with shopping cart mechanics. Visitor add virtual content to their shopping cart by scanning the right objects. A feature combination like this can be used for many different applications.

Full compatibility

Our Augmented Reality application is designed to support Google’s ARCore or Apple’s ARKit. This means that it’s compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

Stay connected to the real world.

While Virtual Reality immerses users in a fully artifical and digital environment, Augmented Reality allows us to overlay virtual objects on top of our physical surroundings. Our app is simple in its execution and works perfectly in combination with the exhibition’s environment.

AR object recognition makes it feel like you can actually look inside an object

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