GEVA Vastgoed: 3D visualization

An interactive real estate visualization.

A new reality for real estate.

As a real estate developer, you sell more than just a simple property. It’s all about guiding potentials buyers during their search for a new home or a new office. Enversed Studios developed a VR tour for GEVA Vastgoed to promote their Strijp TQ property. Thanks to the 3D visualization, potential buyers were able to explore several offices before the renovation was even completed.

Spatial insight

Research shows that many people find it difficult to visualize spaces like rooms or buildings. It requires spatial insight to imagine what a property looks like before it is completed. GEVA Vastgoed was searching for a tool that allows buyers to experience the TQ property while it was being renovated.

VR shows a property’s potential

Enversed Studios has developed a VR tour in which users were able to walk in and around the TQ property. It served as a perfect tool that allowed potential tenants to visualize a representation of their future office. We also decorated a number of offices to match with specific target groups.

A powerful 3D visualization.

Suitable for BIM models

Enversed Studios is able to develop a VR experience from any BIM model. Our efficient conversion methods ensure that we can convert BIM files to VR compatible models for a very competitive price.

Photos and notes in VR

By using a VR controller, potential buyers and tenants are able to create virtual notes. They also have the ability to take pictures of the VR environment. Afterwards, these images can be viewed and forwarded to others.

A personal experience

No other medium is able to showcase a real estate property as engaging and compelling like Virtual Reality. A virtual environment can be furnished with selectively chosen furniture to make the VR experience even more personal and inviting.

Presales have never been easier.

Thanks to the VR experience, the Strijp TQ presale could start before its renovation was completed. In the VR environment, potential buyers and tenants were able to take a good look at how their future office would turn out. People got a real feel for the scale and architectural quality of the building.


From a static 3D model to a captivating VR visualization.

Over the years, we have gained the necessary experience with VR for real estate projects. Our clients value our very own in-house architect who can help during projects, even when your plans are just concepts. That’s why we can help you during any stage of your real estate project.

Delivered by the client

GEVA Vastgoed provided us with many different artist impressions. We also received the property’s BIM model. Thanks to these deliverables, our development team was able to start the development of the VR experience.

From BIM to VR

A VR visualization must be able to convey the correct info. With that in mind, we first determined what interactions were required. That way, we knew exactly how we had to transform the BIM model to an optimized 3D environment.

Presentation is half the battle

The VR experience was showcased in the GEVA visitor center. We built a VR setup in which visitors were able to experience the TQ property while discussing the possibilities with GEVA Vastgoed’s account managers.

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