Limburg Police Department: iRoom VR simulation.

A virtual simulation of the control room of the future.

Smart investigation techniques of the future.

Enversed Studios has developed a VR simulation of the iRoom. This is the centre of all police operations: a 24/7 control in which information and data is received, assessed and sent to colleagues in the field. This simulation shows the potential of using Mixed Reality in crime fighting techniques.

Visualizing new technologies

The Innovation Lab of the National Police (iLab) is working on innovative solutions for public safety and security risks. The Limburg Police Department asked us to visualize in what way new technology, such as Virtual and Mixed Reality, can improve police work and how it influences their daily routines.

The control room of the future

We have developed a VR simulation in which we demonstrate the control room of the future. In this experience, you can see how agents fight mobile banditry by using Mixed Reality. The simulation is supported by a voice over. Once the simulation ends, users can explore the control room by themselves.

The presentation of the future.

A compelling presentation

A lifelike Virtual Reality simulation provides support from within your organization. It is a perfect presentation when you have to deal with multiple departments or stakeholders.

A crystal clear scenario

This VR simulation uses a recognizable scenario. This allows stakeholders to relate on a personal level and provide feedback based on their own experience.

Onderdeel van een groter geheel

Mixed Reality (MR) is heading towards a wonderful future. That’s why it’s essential for organizations to prepare accordingly. A simulation is great to determine how new technologies positively affect workplaces and how it’s able to support an employee’s daily routine.

Broad support thanks to a strong VR simulation.

The control room simulation was presented during the ‘Arms Day’ of the Dutch Military Police. Our presentation created the required support from within the organization in order to further experiment with new types of data systems like Mixed Reality.


A VR simulation through collaboration.

We believe that innovation is driven through collaboration. By combining different skills and experiences from us, along with our partners and our clients, we are able to tackle problems from completely different perspectives.

Creative process

After a number of creative sessions, we were able to pinpoint exactly in what way Virtual Reality could provide an additive value. Although it’s an engaging medium, it doesn’t always provide the best solution to every problem. A consultation call was an important step to determine the right advice and the right techniques for the police to use.

Concept and development

Next, we created a few interior designs of the iRoom. These concepts served as references for our development team as soon as they started modelling the 3D environment. We also designed a recognizable scenario which we could animate. As a finishing touch, we’ve added a voice over to support the VR simulation.


The Virtual Reality simulation was shown during the ‘Arms Day’ of the Dutch Military Police. Guests and personnel were able to experience the simulation by using a VR headset. Thanks to this compelling demonstration, the iRoom of the future has received a lot of positive feedback from withing the entire police force.

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