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A vast hall filled with booths, all clamoring for attention. Job and Willem from our Sales team know this all too well. At trade shows, everyone wants to stand out. So, our advice? Bring a game to your next event!

Attract attention with a game

Have an important event coming up? Then you can do more than just walk around or wait at your booth. A game actively draws attention, facilitates conversation, and makes you memorable.

Games at events might not be new, but they remain a very smart move. They’re simpler than you think, add a fun twist to your brand, and make complex themes accessible.

The perfect icebreaker

A simple game works wonders in the hustle and bustle of a trade show. Visitors have limited time, so a quick, easy-to-understand game is ideal. It attracts the attention of passersby without demanding too much from them.

Moreover, an event game can also simplify complex themes. A game sparks interest and facilitates deeper conversations.

A complete brand experience

Your game should not only stand out but also ensure your brand is recognizable and memorable. That’s why we make sure the game reflects your brand identity and style.

Take ‘Defend-a-Plant’, our game for Plagron. It fits their brand perfectly, from the colors to the font. Plus, the game revolves around what Plagron does: protecting and growing plants. This way, you integrate the game into your brand story.

When your game is ready, it’s all about the presentation. Plagron shows how it’s done! A large projector screen with two joysticks makes visitors stop, look, and participate.

Such a setup looks very chic and pairs perfectly with other visual elements, creating a powerful and cohesive brand image.

"People were lining up from opening to closing, at every show location."

From trade show to online

Your event game can also continue online with a mobile or web version. This keeps visitors engaged even after the event and gives people at home the chance to experience the game.

Sharing atmosphere videos or photos on social media is also a golden opportunity. It increases visibility and captures memories of the unique experiences at your booth.

These digital extensions of your trade show game ensure consistent interaction with your target audience, during and after the event.

Want to stand out at your next event?

If you want your booth to stand out, start planning your unique game experience. We’re here to help!

Contact our team. Together, we’ll bring your brand to life at your next event.