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Product visualization

Unique and interactive methods to reveal or present your products and locations. Because sometimes a PowerPoint just won’t cut it.

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Use cases

I want to support my marketing or sales teams with effective tools.

Interactive visualizations help you stand out and convey information effectively. It’s a perfect conversation starter.

I want to offer a tour or interactive showcase remotely.

Digital visualizations can be made compatible with any web browsers, offering an accessible experience to international audiences.

I want to create support for my designs among important stakeholders.

A tailored solution lets you show your design in a uniquely engaging way, so you can impress, convince, and excite stakeholders.

I want to give users a way to customize my products.

A web configurator lets potential buyers try out different settings and configurations, before they make a purchase.

Examples we’re proud of

Possible applications

Real estate visualizations

Give potential buyers or tenants a virtual tour through your buildings, even if construction hasn’t started yet. Let them explore in their own pace, and fill their imagination with all the possibilities before they make a purchase.

Interactive presentations

Showcase or reveal your products in an interactive presentation. This unique and engaging way to make an impression or convey information is a great way to complement sales or marketing activities.

Web configurators

Hand over control to your buyers directly with a web configurator. They can freely pick and choose which options they want before making purchase, customizing aspects of your products such as color, model and size.

How does a product visualization work?

Interactive product visualizations are very flexible tools, and can be designed according to your needs and goals. A VR visualization or tour allows for the greatest engagement, and offers your audience a more exclusive experience. Note that this does require some space, a powerful laptop, and VR headset. Web-based visualizations however, can be experienced from any web browsers on many different devices. That makes it much more accessible, and enables you to reach a larger or even international audience. A product visualization can be solely optimized for one of these options, or we can develop two versions so you don’t have to choose.



Let users experience your product or location

even before they’ve been developed.

Show your location or product to international audiences

without travel or transport expenses.

Break the ice with a unique visualization

letting your audience open up for a more in-depth conversations.

Offer your audiences an exclusive VR experience

an accessible online tool, or both.

Repurpose virtual environments

and 3D models in future projects.

This might interest you as well

360° tour

An interactive tour through a location, enriched with informative audiovisual content.

Research & validation tool

An interactive method to test, improve, and customize your products or locations.

2D animation

A flexible tool to highlight themes or explain complex information.

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