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Virtual training

We develop interactive learning solutions that support your organization. Discover what virtual reality, augmented reality and serious games can mean for you.

Benefits of virtual trainings

What can virtual trainings mean for you?

Gamification and XR technology is rapidly transforming the way we work and learn. We aspire to pioneer this development, by creating high-end applications that outperform contemporary methods and techniques.

Higher learning gain

Participants can benefit from an improved learning yield through interactive learning. And they can learn from making mistakes, without risks or costs of failure.

Cost efficiency

You can save on operational training expenses and facility costs, reduce machine down-time, and lower your environmental footprint.

Data intelligence

You can track and transform data into valuable insights to improve business processes. And provide live feedback on the spot.

What are the possibilities?

Whether you’re a business, a school, or a training provider, our game-driven solutions can help your training and education programs evolve to new levels. Each of our solutions have their own distinct advantages, and can be further customized to achieve your specific goals. Explore some options below, or contact us if you want to find the right fit together.

Human capitol development

Are you looking for the best ways to help your employees grow?

Our digital training solutions are designed to equip your workforce with the skills and tools necessary to compete in rapidly evolving markets. Studies show that employees trained with VR are 4 times more focused than traditional e-learners, and 275% more confident to act on what they’ve learned.

Scenario training

Let employees improve their skills and practice operational tasks in engaging virtual scenarios.

Team training

Let colleagues improve their collaboration and communication skills together in simulations.


Familiarize new employees with their working environment and responsibilities.

A safe workplace

Do you want to prevent risk, reduce absenteeism and save costs?

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) is a vital aspect for many key industries. Yet, it can be complicated to prepare employees for potentially hazardous situations. Our virtual training solutions can help you simplify this process, and make it more effective.

Scenario training

Make employees more self-reliant by practicing dangerous situations in a safe, virtual environment.

Team training

Let colleagues improve their collaboration and communication skills together in simulations.

Inspection training

Test users for their knowledge of safety protocols, or to teach them about potential workplace hazards.


Looking to improve or expand your curriculum?

Interactive or blended learning solutions are great tools for schools, academies and universities. They allow students to interact with the learning material in a way that’s easily understandable, fun and memorable.

Scenario training

Allow students to put their theory into practice in a virtual setting. Especially useful for practical studies.

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